Three Miles North of Molkom

Three Miles North of Molkom – mocks not, says a lot.

At a new age festival in Sweden, a group of people who’ve never met before explore tree-hugging, sweat lodges, shamanism, tantric sex. They talk at length, confront each other, help each other through crises.

Some, like the port official who fancies himself a Viking seeking a pagan goddess, have little insight into themselves, but all of them are prepared to be open. It would be easy to poke fun, but this doc is never mean or mocking and, in showing how people need love and to connect with others, it’s even touching.

It’s clever too in convincingly weaving together without commentary so many stories. So, the cynical Ozzie rugby coach, who didn’t really mean to be there, learns to show his softer side. After a workshop about finding one’s inner strength, a kindly, vulnerable grandmother, who has given all her possessions away, struggles to recover from the trauma of a physical assault by an unhinged guru.

Although the horror of the scene endures, this small-scale film is great fun and says so much, not about a bunch of freaks, but about people.


mag cover This article is from the September 2009 issue of New Internationalist.
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