A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

Running from the future? As the oil runs out, resource wars will proliferate.

It’s quite possible that the grandchildren of almost all people under 25 will never fly in an aeroplane. Why? Because aviation fuel comes from oil, and the oil won’t last that long.

Who says so? The panoply of academics, scientists and oil-industry big guns interviewed in this film. They tell us: that oil discovery has already peaked and oil production will peak, as it already has in the US and the North Sea. That estimates of reserves are largely guesstimates and often dishonest for marketing and political reasons. That alternatives like coal and uranium will also quickly run out. That renewable energy cannot support the lifestyle of the industrialized world.

The film-makers concentrate on the US, where the Government is doing nothing to scale down use of oil. What is the alternative? Resource wars to grab hold of the remaining non-renewables. This is a vivid and very sobering documentary. See it!

New Internationalist issue 406 magazine cover This article is from the November 2007 issue of New Internationalist.
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