The Other Crucifix

Benjamin Kwakye is a Ghanaian author living in the US and his fine novel The Other Crucifix addresses the African diaspora and fundamental questions of home and exile. The book’s central character, Jojo Badu, leaves Ghana in the 1960s for the US, in search of an education and a better life. We follow his progress through university and work, family life and the civil rights struggles, happiness and adversity. As the years pass, Jojo becomes increasingly alienated from his homeland, and it is only the death of his uncle in a coup d’état that forces him to confront some uncomfortable realities of the immigrant experience. This is a moving and readable story in which one individual’s choices and experiences speak for wider and more universal concerns, encompassing radical upheaval and personal development; crossing borders, crossing continents.

mag cover This article is from the October 2010 issue of New Internationalist.
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