Funny Weather

Reading cartoonist Kate Evans’ *Funny Weather* I couldn’t help making comparisons with Al Gore’s documentary, _An Inconvenient Truth_. Both set out to bring to a popular audience the science of climate change, its horrifying implications and the urgent need for us all to take dramatic action. But whereas _An Inconvenient Truth_ takes you to the ‘OK everyone, panic!’ precipice and then leaves you dangling over the edge, the final chapter of *Funny Weather* is brazenly devoted to ‘Saving The World’. Evans – whose green credentials, unlike Gore’s, are squeaky clean – tackles the follies of jet-setting, offsetting, carbon sequestration and nuclear proliferation head-on and with humour. Her vision of ordinary people switching to low-carbon lifestyles, coming together in an unstoppable movement for political change and ‘sorting it out’ is inspiring. Buy this book, read it, give it away. Then, as Kate says, ‘better get on with it’.

New Internationalist issue 398 magazine cover This article is from the March 2007 issue of New Internationalist.
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