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There you go!

October 2006
We even attempted to empower them... but their reaction was more powerful than expected.

‘Simply brilliant’ is probably all that needs to be said about There you go!, Oren Ginsburg’s cartoon satire published by Survival International. Essential reading for development agencies and their supporters everywhere, it tells the story of two Western experts bringing ‘Sustainable Development’ to an indigenous forest community. The pair encounter an ‘unexpected challenge’ – their target group are ‘in their strange way, already sustainable’. But that does not deter our jargon-laden heroes from inflicting their patronizing, inappropriate and ultimately destructive policies on the community they have set their sights on. With minimal text, and images that will have you laughing out loud, There you go! hits its targets with stunning accuracy. Underlying the humour, though, is a deadly serious message: because outsiders want their land and resources, tribal peoples and their communities are being destroyed – and all in the name of development.

There you go! by Oren Ginsburg (Survival International ISBN 0 946592 22 7). Order from +44 20 7687 8700 or at>.

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