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Struggle for balance

December 2004

Your recent issue on Judeophobia (NI 372) was very informative and challenging. I recognized my own struggle in finding balance in my views as I read the opening words: ‘Whether it’s antisemitism or the polar opposite, rarely are Jews seen as ordinary human beings – as flawed and perfect as everyone else.’ As a supporter of peace (for Jews and Palestinians), I admit I have, at times, found it difficult to separate the politics and military actions of the Jewish state from Jews themselves, and this in turn has given me a negative view of Israelis. However, I am proud to say that, since reading your articles, I have been able to confront the fact that I do not approve of the Israeli Government without it clouding my view of the Jewish people. I now have a new appreciation for Jewish culture and can clearly see how leftwing activists can miss seeing the wood for the trees in their own attitudes towards people groups. I believe that with this sort of educational resource available, people will be able to cease either idolizing or despising the Jews – it certainly sharpened my own beliefs.

Emily Chapman Oatlands, Australia

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