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Beyond the feel-good factor

November 2004

In the name of God (NI 370) was informative and interesting. Tackling a topic that divides so many people was gutsy, as was delving into something which Western lefties prefer to ignore.

I agree that the possibility of receiving forgiveness for ‘our ludicrous inability to be the people we would like to be’ (‘Who needs religion?’) is psychologically appealing; likewise I am glad that my Christian faith encourages me to do those things which most people deem beneficial. However, I – like many others – came to faith (in Jesus) because I believe it is true! That is, I believe it is internally consistent and corresponds to reality, which is considerably more than saying it makes me feel good or that it passes some test of social utility. This is the angle that I thought was lacking in many of the articles.

Rob Elder Sydney, Australia

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