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A crack in impunity

Lindsey Collen introduces two campaigning widows whose husbands died in police custody.

‘I see a human being’

Mauritius goes to bizarre lengths to classify people by ethnicity or religion, as Lindsey Collen explains.

Bones and myths

Reem Haddad celebrates the remarkable life of a British woman who became a local legend

Return to nature

Local hunters have been converted to conservation, as Reem Haddad explains.

Seeking Hemalatha

Reem Haddad trails exploited Ethiopian and Sri Lankan maids in Beirut.

A legacy of learning

a Palestinian hero’s enduring legacy, by Reem Haddad

Life lessons

Shadi was a boy living on the street when Reem Haddad first tried to help him get an education. But then he disappeared. What has happened to him since?

Worlds of words

The power of proverbs, by Reem Haddad.

Torn in two

When a Peruvian woman's children were kidnapped by their Lebanese father, Reem Haddad was asked to intervene.

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