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In hope of justice

In the last of her monthly letters Reem Haddad returns to the murder that has obsessed her nation.

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A visitor in the mountains

My grandparents’ grave and the rancour of civil war, by Reem Haddad.

Democratization à-la-Labour

The shock after the last election was when the new Labour Government actually started to implement parts of its programme, writes Lindsey Collen.

The fast track

How government offices finally discovered computers, by Reem Haddad.

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Beastly beauty

How Beirut has learned to love liposuction and tummy tucks, by Reem Haddad.

The way back

Detainees return from Israel after 16 years, witnessed by Reem Haddad.

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Written in the stars

Reem Haddad uses the fatalism of Lebanese society to her own advantage.

  • August 23, 2006
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Across the divide

A Syrian teacher who uses TV to teach Golan Heights children talks to Reem Haddad.

Satellite wars

The al Jazeera satellite TV station has changed Arab people’s perception of the world. Its runaway success has spawned a host of imitators, as Reem Haddad explains.

A crack in impunity

Lindsey Collen introduces two campaigning widows whose husbands died in police custody.

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