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‘We can take it’

First in a new series by Maria Golia.

Of robbers and plants

Economic crunch in Mauritius

The Dhal Puri Queue

Lindsey Collen drops in to a street summit while waiting for a tasty snack.

The breadfruit tree

The breadfruit tree outside Lindsey Collen’s house needs pruning. But how to persuade Fareed to undertake the work?

Where the streets have no shame

Posters used to be protest space. Now they’re eaten up by glossy ads, laments Lindsey Collen.

Farce as reality

How Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times predicted the reality of present-day Mauritius, by Lindsey Collen.

Fetching grass

Lindsey Collen scampers on to rocks in search of grass.

Art for life - and death

Lindsey Collen on the fight for freedom of artistic expression.

A yellow flag in the sunset

In the first of a new series of monthly letters, novelist Lindsey Collen finds the long fingers of Bollywood stretch even to her own shores.

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Empire's exiles

The Chagos Islanders: Lindsey Collen introduces the women who have kept the decades-long struggle alive.

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