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Thumb for Kayaktivists

#ShellNo: the triumph of the Kayaktivists

We do not always win - but sometimes we prevail. Mark Engler celebrates a daring victory.

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Thumb for El Salvdoran gang leader

Country profile: El Salvador

Louisa Reynolds on a country of great inequality still struggling with a legacy of civil war.

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Mixed Media: Books

This month’s book reviews.

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Thumb for Carol film still

Mixed Media: Films

This month’s film reviews.

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Thumb for Man and barbed wire illustration

Letter from Bangui: Penthouse and pavement

The city is getting a facelift - but not everyone will benefit, writes Ruby Diamonde.

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How to make room for refugees

Chris Coltrane has had enough of excuses about Britain being full.

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Book reviews

An East German spy thriller with a difference - just one of the books reviewed this month.

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Thumb for Worker protesting outside

Act against Amazon!

We need to push back against unacceptable corporate behaviour, writes Mark Engler.

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Thumb for Rwanda Is My Home

Music reviews

Music by Philippe Pierlot & Dhruba Ghosh, and The Good Ones.

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Thumb for Film still from Brooklyn

Film reviews

Two films worth watching this month. Reviews by Malcolm Lewis.

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Thumb for Mekllit Hadero

And finally... Meklit Hadero

Stories, silences and songs - the Ethiopian musician talks to Graeme Green.

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