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When a house is not a home

On the matter of decent housing, the government turns a deaf ear to poorer citizens, while bending over backwards to help the wealthy. Lindsey Collen, who penned this column from 2006 to 2007, returns with a one-off letter.

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Mixed Media: Films

I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach; The Innocents, directed and co-written by Anne Fontaine.

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Feedback from our readers.

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Protectors vs pipelines

The native-led resistance at Standing Rock has emphasized environmentalism of a different complexion than is typically associated with ecological activism in the United States, writes Mark Engler.

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And finally... Toni Myers

Training astronauts to shoot film? All in a day’s work for the Canadian documentary filmmaker, writes Cristiana Moisescu.

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Country Profile: Honduras

Louisa Reynolds reports on the country, considered the most violent in the world outside a war zone.

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Mixed Media: Books

The Caliphate, Red Ellen, Eve out of Her Ruins, and ‘Migrant, refugee, smuggler, saviour’ reviewed in this month’s New Internationalist magazine.

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The sum of our disappointments

In Cairo, normality is something of a heroic enterprise, Maria Golia explains.

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Mixed Media: Music

Amerli by Refugees for Refugees and Anda by Melingo.

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Ken Loach on 'I, Daniel Blake': what happens when people leave the cinema?

The media present poverty as the fault of the poor, Ken Loach tells Malcolm Lewis in this interview.

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Proud to preach

When the news seems ridiculous and shocking, we need competence to fill faith gap it creates, writes Chris Coltrane.

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