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Wyatt Gallery

August 2003

An Indian labourer named Siewdass Sadhu built this Hindu temple in the sea, about 50 metres offshore on the end of a pier at Waterloo, Trinidad, over a period of 25 years. He had to build it like this because the Government owned all the land in this sugar-cane-filled area. As a sign of good faith the Government completed the temple after Sadhu’s death.

Wyatt Gallery is a 27 year-old fine-art photographer who focuses on spirituality found in the architecture and landscapes of the Caribbean. He captures the soul of the Caribbean through his quiet, meditative, colour photographs of religious and secular sites, showing the spirituality and divinity that exists within both. Recently he has begun a portraiture project on people coming from and going to their place of worship. In the future he hopes to document the mosques of Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Wyatt Gallery, Trinidad
By arrangement with Alex Smailes

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