Currents Coal Special

Something sinister is going on in the world of coal. The world's most polluting fuel, coal is responsible for around half of all the CO2 humans have so far spewed into the atmosphere. It is the filthiest way to produce electricity, emitting 80 per cent more carbon than gas and 29 per cent more than oil. And yet, Old King Coal is enjoying a resurgence, thanks to rising fuel prices and a sizeable dose of greenwash.

This month, Currents exposes the oxymoron that is ‘clean coal’, takes a look at what one of the world’s biggest polluters, China, is doing to promote alternative energy, and focuses on the vibrant, growing anti-coal movement, from direct action in the West to resistance in Venezuela and success in Bangladesh.

mag cover This article is from the September 2008 issue of New Internationalist.
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