Shell still hell

Jess Worth

Shell may be pumping the petrodollars into glossy PR campaigns, but Nigerians remain unimpressed. Ifieniya Festavera Lott (pictured left) from the Ijaw people in the Niger Delta went to the WSF to tell the world about Shell’s activities in her community. ‘An oil spill flows through my river so I can’t get fresh water. Gas flares give us acid rain – when we build houses the roof leaks within three to four months,’ she revealed. ‘Shell don’t listen to us. When a child is stubborn and you scold it, it tries to cover its ears – that’s what Shell is doing. It may say that now it is socially responsible, but it has not cleaned up its act. If wishes were like magic, individuals in the Niger Delta would just click their fingers and all these oil companies would disappear.’

New Internationalist issue 399 magazine cover This article is from the April 2007 issue of New Internationalist.
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