NI Book Events in the UK


_Don't Shoot the Clowns_ book launch with author *Jo Wilding*
Friday 6 October. 7pm, Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London.

Iraq War Film Double-bill with *Jo Wilding* (author of _Don't Shoot the Clowns_). _A letter to the Prime Minister: Jo Wilding's Diary from Iraq_ and _The War Tapes_, followed by Q&A with *Jo Wilding*.
Sunday 15 October. 12 noon, Curzon Soho, 99 Shaftesbury Avenue, London.

_No-Nonsense Guide to Human Rights_ Book Launch
Tuesday 3 October. 5.30pm, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, UCL, 28 Russell Square, London/

No-Nonsense authors give No-Nonsense talks
The first series of No-Nonsense events is taking place at Blackwells in Oxford (48-51 Broad St), 7pm on Thursdays in the Café.

Thursday 12th October
*David Ransom*, author of the _No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade_
*David Ransom* explores the future of fair trade in the face of corporate takeover. Should we support the move by big corporations into fair trade as a step in the right direction? Is there a trade-off for ethical companies between growth and the principles of fair trade?

Thursday 26th October
*Jerome Ravetz*, author of the _No-Nonsense Guide to Science_
*Jerome Ravetz* questions Science in its global context. When we look at the great issues facing us, like climate change, species extinction, and nuclear proliferation, it seems that science (through its applications in technology and industry) is a part of the problem. Can it be part of the solution?

Thursday 2nd November
*Chris Brazier*, author of the _No-Nonsense Guide to World History_
*Chris Brazier* explains the challenge of trying to cover the whole of World History in under 150 pages. Does the pocket-guide format constrain or liberate the historian? Is there value in such a concise view of history? How do the first years of this millennium fit into the patterns of history

Thursday 16th November
*Wayne Ellwood*, author of the _No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization_
*Wayne Ellwood* asks what kind of Globalization do we want? What are the forces shaping the global economy? Who benefits and who loses? Is is possible to build a global economy based on economic justice and environmental stewardship?

Book launch for _Bittersweet World of Chocolate_ and our new _Trigger Issues_ series of books.
Thursday 19 October. 6.30pm, St Antony's College, Woodstock Road, Oxford.

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