Tajikistan’s last synagogue to go

The destruction of the only remaining synagogue in Tajikistan has left the small Jewish community there angry and shocked. The Institute for War & Peace Reporting says that appeals from international Jewish organizations have fallen on deaf ears, as the Government continues to insist that authorities will bulldoze the site to make way for a major urban development project. The synagogue building in the capital Dushanbe, dating from 1947, has been under threat since April 2004 when the Government decided to resurrect Soviet plans from the 1960s to build a ‘Palace of the Nation’. The palace will serve as the residence of President Imomali Rahmonov, and the synagogue is presently in the path of a road that will lead to the palace.

New Internationalist issue 390 magazine cover This article is from the June 2006 issue of New Internationalist.
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