Starbucks at Guantánamo

Customer Gordon Quilty recently queried Starbucks about the transnational’s outlet at Guantánamo Bay. ‘I would hope that the reports are not true,’ wrote Gordon, ‘as it would seriously damage your company’s reputation and lead people to reconsider your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.’ Here is part of Starbucks’ explanation to Gordon about their Guantánamo outlet, received by him in March this year: ‘Many US military personnel have let us know that they miss their Starbucks experience while serving in remote locations and we are humbled that the troops frequently request Starbucks coffee. Many of our customers and partners (employees) also believe that it is important for Starbucks to support the men and women serving their country.’

Read the full text of this and other correspondence between Gordon and Starbucks at The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre website:

New Internationalist issue 390 magazine cover This article is from the June 2006 issue of New Internationalist.
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