Crunch time over Fairtrade mark for Nestlé

Fair Trade

The world’s largest food corporation, Nestlé, has applied to the Fairtrade Foundation in Britain for a Fairtrade (FT) mark for a new ‘Partner’s Brand’ of coffee, according to documents leaked to The Guardian newspaper (21 September 2005). Our attempts at clarification met with no comment from the Fairtrade Foundation itself, and from a number of its ‘charity shareholders’, which are listed on its

A more forthright response came from Baby Milk Action, which for years has promoted a boycott of all Nestlé products because of its aggressive marketing of baby foods and trade union busting activities worldwide. Policy Director Patti Rundall said giving the FT mark to Nestlé ‘would make an absolute mockery of what the public believes the Fairtrade mark stands for’.

Further information:‘Fair Trade For Sale’ in NI 377. A thorough background briefing can be found at

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