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*Sausage* is from the Latin _salsus_ (salted): the Romans made sausages of salted meat to eat during the winter months. About 1900 Harry Stevens sold frankfurters (first made at Frankfurt am Main) in hot bread rolls at a New York baseball ground.  The cartoonist TA Dorgan called these ‘hot dogs’ in a cartoon of a dachshund in a bread roll, perhaps because of rumours as to the contents of the sausages. Dorgan also invented the phrase ‘cat’s pyjamas’.

_Botulism_, a bug that was first found in tinned sausages, is from the Latin _botulus_ (sausage). _Bowel_ is from the same root.  Another bug that causes food poisoning, _salmonella_, has nothing to do with salmon but gets its name from the US pathologist, Daniel Elmer Salmon (1850-1914).