World’s Worst

_Multinational Monitor_’s annual nomination of the Ten Worst Corporations – styled ‘Enemies of the Future’ – for the year 2000 is as follows:

*Aventis (France)*: ‘Making human guinea pigs.’ For contaminating Taco Bell brand taco shells sold in grocery stores by Kraft, as well as many other foods, with genetically modified StarLink corn.

*British American Tobacco (Britain)*: ‘Smuggler of death.’ For engineering a worldwide smuggling scheme to cut the price of cigarettes and increase consumption, with extensive efforts in Latin America and Asia.

*BP/AMOCO (US/Britain)*: ‘Lawbreaker.’ For illegal disposal of hazardous waste on Alaska’s North Slope.

*Doubleclick (US)*: ‘Cookie Crook.’ For implanting electronic ‘cookies’ – surveillance files – on the hard drives of users’ computers without their knowledge and gaining the capacity to combine this data with identifiable personal consumer information.

*Ford/Firestone (US)*: ‘Reckless homicide.’ For at least 150 deaths around the world linked to tread separation by Firestone tyres on Ford cars, and not recalling the products after learning of the hazard.

*Glaxo/Wellcome (Britain)*: ‘Patents over people.’ For blocking worldwide distribution of cheap, generic versions of HIV/AIDS and other drugs.

*Lockheed Martin (US)*: ‘Testing its pollutant on humans.’ For conducting large-scale tests of percholate – a toxic contaminant from rocket fuel, frequently found in water supplies in southern California – to avoid stricter standards and save millions of dollars in clean-up costs.

*Philips Petroleum (US)*: ‘Deadly employer.’ For third fatal accident in 11 years at plastics plant in Pasadena, Texas.

*Smithfield Foods (US)*: ‘Pig Out.’ For consolidation of the hog market to detriment of family farmers, and spreading factory farms.

*Titan International (US)*: ‘Union buster.’ For unlawfully denying protected labour rights to workers at two tyre and wheel factories where workers have been on strike for two years.

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