Pain without gain


Observed but unhealed in Kenya.

Jeremy Horner / Panos

Tongue lashing flared in Uganda after it was learned that 415 married couples, kept under observation by US researchers, were either left to contract HIV or, if already infected, received no treatment. Dr Marcia Angell revealed in the _New England Journal of Medicine_ that for ‘up to 30 months, several hundred people with HIV infections were observed and not treated’. Similar revelations have occurred in the _British Journal of Medicine_ about research into male circumcision in Kenya. A report compiled by the Africa Women and Child Information Network (AWC) has indicated that prostitutes in the Majengo slum area of Nairobi were used in a vaccine-development project without receiving any benefits.

_Moto_ (independent Zimbabwean magazine) no 212

New Internationalist issue 333 magazine cover This article is from the April 2001 issue of New Internationalist.
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