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The Sun and its Planets

There are less obtrusive ways of controlling political differences than outright invasion. According to authors Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman in 'The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism'(Spokesman Press), the US has channelled millions of dollars in military aid and police train­ing to some of the most notorious Third World regimes. In the controversial diagram reprinted below the intimate connections between US and a constellation of countries that use torture to repress their own citizens are outlined. Without Washington's assistance much of the violence might never have occured.

The figures apply only till 1975. They predate the Carter administration and the general downturn of American involvement overseas. Washington's self-righteous horror at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan conveniently ignores its own more subtle but equally damaging meddling in Third World affairs.

In the circles: no. of US trained military 1950-75
On the lines: total spent on US military aid 1946-75
Black circles : indicate US training to local police,
* Significant change of government in 1970s, but used torture for part of the decade.

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