attribution org test

paragraph with *star* **double star** and _underscore_ makeup elements [search for something](http://www.google.ca) after url diff't string url [junk news](http://www.slashdot.org "testing")

This is a block quote... And this is in another paragraph What we have to realize here is that *this* is the __third__ paragraph, and a link to


this is my box1 deck

This is my box1 crosshead

my box 1 paragraph

talked with

This is a postscript --- note that blah blahblbalh a *wow!*

This is a pullquote What the hell!!! Second par in pull quote! *that's* not a pullquote... **this** is a pullquote!

This is author note for Bradley C. Harder He's a *busy* Mason/Bricolage coder these days

  1. Orderedlist 1
  2. Orderedlist 2
  3. Ordered list 3

This is a multiparagraph And this is par2 # Header 1 ## Header 2 ###### Header 6 This is par3 *with* makeup 1. This is list 1. item 2 1. item 3 new list - item 1 + item 2 * item 3

my box author note

box title

Box postscript

a box paragraph

This is poetry Or is it? We may never know

testing urls: (http://www.url.com) angled [http://www.url.com] boxed [my link](http://www.mylink.com)