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NI Prize Crossword


*Across* 1 Part of Gascony drink to Magna Carta? No thanks, it’s not right (8) 5 Government in disarray in Indian Ocean islands (6) 10 New Jersey city leader could be one from Tudor times (9) 11 Drain arid area of Finnish wetland (5) 12 Boy involved in a sting in French town... (7) 13 ...he’s moved outside, to melt away back into Dutch city (6) 15 Duke’s account, cut back again, goes for Asian capital as in the past (5) 17 Uzbek city’s just a speck in the desert (9) 19 Land in a sea of people, but Douglas greets you? (4,2,3) 22 Fellow researching into binary numbers is one from Asia (5) 23 Journalist leaves speechless over S American flower (6) 25 New lot of boats seen in sacred Indian river (7) 28 Amazing stimuli the best of people extracted from ancient Troy (5) 29 Part of New Guinea where one managed to find hidden island following a bird... (5,4) 30 ...to ‘old’ Guinean town in an irreverent dance, they say.. (6) 31 ...antipodean country area: too difficult to reach Australia (8) *Down* 1 Czarina – the one taken prisoner in African port (10) 2 Where the sea meets the shore, finally, in New England? (5) 3 Plain in S America one’s ancestor encountered war here in the 1930s (4,5) 4 Underworld introduction near Naples? (7) 6 One arriving in headgear intrinsically fit for a Caribbean country (5) 7 Malta ague affected part of C America (9) 8 King of Persia’s extreme, accepting not even Iran’s branch of Islam (4) 9 Not half a mess, almost perdition, in Kashmir valley (6) 14 Fly hatless to a couple of degrees south of Asmara (5,5) 16 Serendipitous location for ring to be lost by Scot then to find one from S America (9) 18 Ordering a shuttle which runs between US and Mexico (3,6) 20 Race to go down English hills (6) 21 Barrie’s dog one follows to Missouri, then a B Columbian port (7) 24 Ring to get a medic through Zambia’s borders to a place in Malawi (5) 26 Broadcast commercial first to a cape on Baffin Island (5) 27 It’s white water going into the Missouri after crossing the border! (4)


*Across* 1 Brandy from a district of Aquitaine (8) 5 ----- Archipelago, formerly part of Mauritius (6) 10 New Jersey town where Princeton University was founded in 1746 (9) 11 Lake with 3,000 islands in NE Finland (5) 12 Normandy town, capital of the Orne department (7) 13 Seat of the first Dutch university in 1575 (6) 15 Former spelling of the capital of Bangladesh (5) 17 Uzbek city, destroyed by Alexander in 329 BCE (9) 19 British outpost of the Gaelic Celts (4,2,3) 22 Citizen of a South Arabian country (5) 23 World’s largest river system (7million sq km) (6) 25 Indian river, sacred to Hindus, which empties into the Gulf of Khambat (Cambay) (7) 28 Alternative (poetic) name for Troy (5) 29 Troubled part of eastern Indonesia (5,4) 30 Second city of Guinea, on the Milo R (6) 31 The land of the long white cloud? (8) *Down* 1 Second city of Egypt (10) 2 The Pine Tree State; the 23rd of the Union (1820) (5) 3 S American plain, scene of war between Bolivia and Paraguay over oil rights (4,5) 4 Lake in an Italian volcano, the entrance to Hell in Latin mythology (7) 6 The first autonomous Afro-American state in 1804 (5) 7 Central American country (9) 8 One of the two main branches of Islam (4) 9 Kashmiri river, one of the five to give Punjab its name (6) 14 Capital of Ethiopia (5,5) 16 Citizen of a S American country (9) 18 River border between US and Mexico (3,6) 20 English hills of Somerset (6) 21 Port and timber processing town on Vancouver Island (7) 24 City of S Malawi (5) 26 Cape -----, Baffin Island headland (5) 27 Missouri tributary, which for part of its course flows through Alberta (4)

New Internationalist issue 391 magazine cover This article is from the July 2006 issue of New Internationalist.
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