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NI Prize Crossword



1 Translation of The Mission (oriental cut) has huge following in Japan (9)

6 Given Asian capital, is on top of the world? (5)

9 Make bisexual chap turn and run west of 17a (5,6)

10 Enthusiasm to find a place to live in India (3)

11 They initially gathered on the Hungarian side (5)

12 I am warier after rejection of porcelain out of Japanese port (5,4)

13 No British return after 51 hit skinhead in Portuguese city (6)

15 Suspends tea holding here in Hunan province (8)

17 Surprise expressed by rector, Hindu deity embraced in part of Botswana (8)

19 Moneys required in Arabia: set back about a year, needs Saudi capital (6)

23 Marched around Norway with English fellow, about to make port (9)

24 Rouge unattractive to many after French left Indo-China? (5)

26 Wrong to return to strategic Serbian site (3)

27 Rose from N England’s from Sinatra clan originally (11)

28 Alabama, Missouri and Mexico’s claim in Texas (5)

29 Fat men in Paris, half-filled with large smorgasbord from here, perhaps (9)


1 African state of independence, abandoning French water by the gallon (7)

2 Turkish city’s one zone with German support (5)

3 Heard a Spanish separatist’s splitting to somewhere in Mexico (7)

4 Peninsula belonging to part of Russia needs Poles to withdraw (6)

5 West to attend party on island city in Japan (8)

6 Four in S Africa, all up from the Baltic (7)

7 Aeneas, eg, a wandering soul of the Mediterranean? (6,3)

8 Crippled girl about to walk in Spain (7)

14 Californian lake where aluminium heaps are dumped in the main (6,3)

16 European forest occupiers of garden nests (8)

17 Potassium scent American tracks to mining area in the old Congo (7)

18 Don’s in a state in Mexico (7)

20 Anger when tusk gets damaged here in Siberia (7)

21 Rainfall in total for S American country? (7)

22 When in Rome, I love to take in a club; in Ecuador, an Andean city (6)

25 Chilean valley of the vine: a degree above one Italian valley (5)



1 Japanese religion (9)

6 Capital of Tibet (5)

9 Arid area along the Atlantic in southern Africa (5,6)

10 Former Portuguese colony in India (3)

11 Ancient Germanic peoples (5)

12 Japanese porcelain (5,4)

13 European capital city, scene of a massive earthquake in 1755 (6)

15 Capital of Hunan province, China (8)

17 Desert of central southern Africa (8)

19 They are the official currency of Yemen, for example (6)

23 Norwegian port, the Vikings’ capital (9)

24 Language and people of Cambodia and parts of Vietnam (5)

26 City in Serbia, important since the days of the Ottoman Empire (3)

27 Native, for instance, of Preston, its county town (11)

28 Site of the Texans’ defence against the Mexicans in 1836 (5)

29 Scandinavian capital city (9)


1 W African country, capital Dakar (7)

2 Turkish port and gulf which opens on to the Sea of Marmara (5)

3 Mexican state which gives its name to a pungent sauce (7)

4 The ‘peninsular’ part of Europe as in the war of that name between 1808-14 (6)

5 Japanese city, capital of Gumma prefecture on Honshu (8)

6 Former citizen of the USSR (7)

7 Easternmost sector of the Mediterranean (6,3)

8 Island in San Francisco Bay (7)

14 Californian lake formed when a Colorado R dam burst in 1905 (6,3)

16 Forested upland of the French, Belgian and Luxembourg borders (8)

17 Former name, when the Belgian Congo, of the copper-rich region of Shaba (7)

18 Mountainous state of S Mexico, capital Pachuca de Soto (7)

20 Russian city on the Trans-Siberian Railway (7)

21 Former Dutch Guiana, capital Paramaribo (7)

22 Ecuadorean garden city of the Andes (6)

25 Chilean wine-making valley and a major volcano (5)

New Internationalist issue 390 magazine cover This article is from the June 2006 issue of New Internationalist.
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