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The NI Prize Crossword

Win a copy of the latest World Guide reference book... All correct solutions received by the 27th of the cover month will be put into a draw – though only the winner will be notified. Post your entry to NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford, OX4 1BW, England; fax it to +44 1865 793152; or email a scan to (mailto:[email protected]?Subject=NI%20xword)[[email protected]] Winner for 89: E Hodgson, Pinner, Middlesex, England.


1 Perceive an ox roaming around Nîmes, beginning to look for spa (3-2-8)
10 Place in Guinea where a doctor is taken in by Greek character (5)
11 Nothing on the street during the night on the way back to Free State city (9)
12 Plain in Iran little boy beaten, it’s said (4,5)
13 Miami landmark housing a fashion centre (5)
14 Old Iraqi is like another particular Arab (8)
16 New York site where black radio begins broadcasting at ten (5)
19 A North American business’ base in Venezuela (5)
21 Salvadorean lake coming from a pool in and around upper Guatemala (8)
25 British retreat exposes prime minister (5)
26 Toxic gas on second vessel returning to Russian city (9)
28 Resort in Thailand to put one into move – nearly a month in France? (9)
29 Old S American convenience food obtained here, for instance (5)
30 Miss Saigon? See new dubbing (2,3,4,4)

2 Turkish port coming from Cadiz, miraculously (5)
3 S American nation’s currency, before the euro, made in the middle of gold (7)
4 Laurel given to the Secretary to the King by one in Asian country (8)
5 Left between two roundabouts to get to Iberian city (6)
6 Catholic Church upset in the wake of reactionary NE Ethiopian’s tongue (7)
7 One from ‘Barthelona’, as the Spanish would say! (9)
8 Paraguay-Brazil mountains snake within a yard of the border (7)
9 DNA’s misleading temperance people around part of Asia Minor today (5)
15 Endless grit needed to get a ‘boy’ name in closeted part of Italy (3,6)
17 Dog one from the Franco-German border (8)
18 Record resistance to ‘Or nearest offer’ when putting capital in Rioja (7)
20 Architecture Scot’s taken from Peloponnesian site (7)
22 Books CIA see as crooked after stream from Italy arrive here, near Detroit (7)
23 Islands in the Bahamas where a taxi back is nothing (5)
24 Vandalized (homemaking gone to pieces), abandoned site in Upper Egypt (6)
27 It was coined from the French ‘chat’? (5)


1 French spa resort, north of Marseille (3-2-8)
10 Town of Guinea, on the main railway between Kankan and Conakry (5)
11 Free State city of S Africa in game park country (9)
12 Plain of N Iran (4,5)
13 Capital of Lombardy (5)
14 Of the Biblical people whose empire stretched from Mesopotamia to Egypt (8)
16 New York borough (5)
19 Venezuelan city of Anzoátegui state (5)
21 Lake of volcanic origin, the largest in El Salvador (8)
25 20th century British Prime Minister, born in Edinburgh (5)
26 Russian city and kray adjacent to the Caucasus and the Black Sea (9)
28 Tourist centre of NW Thailand, capital of the former kingdom of Lan Na (9)
29 Applicable to the Andean empire up to the 16th century (5)
30 Vietnamese city, formerly Saigon (2,3,4,4)

2 Turkish third city and port (5)
3 S American country straddling the line of 0° latitude (7)
4 Asian nation created in 1947 (8)
5 Wine city on the R Douro (6)
6 Ethiopian Semitic dialect (7)
7 Spanish spelling of one from the autonomous region in the NE of the country (9)
8 City and cordillera of Paraguay (7)
9 Turkey’s fourth city and region between the Taurus Mts and the Mediterranean (5)
15 Enclave state within Italy (3,6)
17 Frenchman from Strasbourg, for instance (8)
18 Capital of Spanish Rioja country (7)
20 Historic Greek city, gulf, isthmus and canal (7)
22 Former summer capital of the Ottawa Indians, in Michigan (7)
23 Bahamian islands famous for its pine boats (5)
24 Ancient site on the east bank of the Nile, subsequently called Chemmis and Panopolis (6)
27 Old European gold or silver coin (5)

New Internationalist issue 372 magazine cover This article is from the October 2004 issue of New Internationalist.
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