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The NI Prize Crossword



1 Pen doctor gets free in English university town (9)

6 When retiring, tunic daughter removed in Moroccan city (5)

9 Greater loop circulating a city in Brazil (5,6)

10 Student, by the sound of it, hesitating about going to historic German town (3)

11 Acre monasteries owe much to input from Italian city (7)

12 Jungle hero returns cuddling Jane, finally getting Jewish slant on Christian site... (7)

13 ...Lebanese Muslim heretics should end this kind of tactic (5)

15 One dry ad war is out of control as it runs throughout Burma (9)

17 Alternative regional Caspian capital for inn in Asia, with little male/female backing (9)

19 Belgian province when accent’s on feudal allegiance (5)

21 Independent stops Pat hitting Tory: if crossed, he will fight (7)

23 Private school head covering Breton capital’s inner bit (4,3)

25 Suitable base in Provence (3)

26 Indiana once spread to Maine, we hear! (6,5)

27 Country songs reverberate around the Fourth of July (5)

28 Plane Douglas is missing from ranges in Australia with ace gone (9)


1 Fish beneath headland in Massachusetts resort (4,3)

2 Department in France is like one out of a Hitchcock film (5)

3 Classical character on drugs arrives at mountains in N Greece (7)

4 A hundred are left after picking out this Croatian? (9)

5 Highland town, the second one in an Egyptian backwater? (5)

6 Swore badly when nap gets interrupted in Polish city (7)

7 Conservative’s on edge in the mountains of Appalachia (4,5)

8 Book about Missouri bird, hungry and empty (7)

14 University lab, initially, is on to a new mammal or something in Mongolia (4,5)

16 German region where the river is higher than the countryside (9)

17 SE Akron integrated Asians (7)

18 Reportedly trap republicans in a lake in Uganda (7)

19 SE Asian country detail sit on racoon. In a classic case, he was crushed (7)

20 Place in the Colombian Andes where mind reading goes on in, alas, half of it (7)

22 That Daniel of mine’s picked up some Siberian flower (5)

24 Mediterranean place is rock hard – no Tory here (5)



1 University town of England and New England (9)

6 Capital of Morocco (5)

9 Industrial city of S Brazil (5,6)

10 German town, scene of a Napoleonic victory in 1805 and birthplace of Einstein (3)

11 Italian city, home of the Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri families (7)

12 Jewish name for Galilean town associated with Christ (7)

13 Politically driven Muslim spin-off sect, mainly in Lebanon (5)

15 Longest river in Burma, 2,090 km (9)

17 Alternative name for Xankandi or Stepanakert (9)

19 Belgian province and its capital (5)

21 Small N Italian river, its crossing by J Caesar in 49BC is now proverbially a declaration of war (7)

23 Distinctive English educational headgear since 1440, perhaps (4,3)

25 Market town of the Luberon in Provence (3)

26 Watery site approximate to the previous Gondwanaland super-continent (6,5)

27 Islamic Middle Eastern country (5)

28 -------- -Douglas, US aircraft makers (9)


1 Point in Massachusetts where the Pilgrim Fathers landed in Nov 1620 (4,3)

2 French river and department (5)

3 Mountains of S Bulgaria/N Greece (7)

4 Describing the NE coastline of the Adriatic Sea (9)

5 ---- Marbles, treasures of the Parthenon, controversially held by the British Museum for two centuries (5)

6 SE Polish city and regional capital (7)

7 Mountains of Virginia and W Virginia, mainly (4,5)

8 Originating from Lystra, Asia Minor, the recipient of two epistles attributed to Paul (7)

14 Mongolian capital, Urga until 1924 (4,5)

16 Demilitarized part of Germany reoccupied by Hitler in 1936 (9)

17 Asians bounded by the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan (7)

18 Ugandan upland lake between Lakes Victoria and Edward (7)

19 Prince of Troy, who, for offending Apollo in his opposition to the ‘gift’ horse, is crushed by serpents (7)

20 Roman Catholic diocese in Colombia’s upper Magdalena valley (7)

22 Siberian river, flowing north into the Ob estuary (5)

24 Island home of the Minoan civilization (5)

New Internationalist issue 366 magazine cover This article is from the April 2004 issue of New Internationalist.
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