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The NI Prize Crossword



*1* Asian dog is a shade of brown (11)

*7* Provençal farmhouse visited during Christmas-time (3)

*9* Vanuatu island’s oriental destiny (5)

*10* Utah mail zone to begin with obscured by this kind of map projection (9)

*11* Stagger almost upon Scotsman of a S American nature (9)

*12/28* Reportedly sell horse when reaching New Zealand waters (5,3)

*13* China maybe that doctor found with a spade in an ancient garden (7)

*15* Initially not a treaty openly to embrace the Soviet bloc... (4)

*18* ...when independence, leaving the failed aristocracy with only 40% for the leader,... (4)

*20* ...does frustrate a new invasion of this troubled region (7)

*23* Polish influence in such a temperate Dutch colony (5)

*24* An ashram perversely protects top Indian princesses (9)

*26* Pacific island found by Cook – and another – on unusual, detailed round (9)

*27* Centre of African copper belt’s influence seen between North Dakota and Louisiana (5)

*28* See 12

*29* Hyde accents improbably here in New York State (11)


*1* Australian city where girl found help within (8)

*2* Desert place inhabited by hag beaten up by other women (8)

*3* Togo port’s got a name, ex officio, importing heroin (5)

*4* Race to get Mendelssohn symphony (7)

*5* In France no art embraces one so upliftingly as in the palaces of Versailles (7)

*6* Canton is linguistically twinned with Newcastle? (9)

*7* Missouri at 12 say, as it flows through 29 (6)

*8* Remove second and fourth units from hilly climbs in selected Bangladesh spot (6)

*14* He thought it’s a town in France on the R Creuse (9)

*16* Old Italian claim for part of Slovenia’s transport and an upset about oil products (8)

*17* Soya sits uncomfortably in the earthly balance of things (8)

*19* New Testament book with hard language (7)

*20* Disgust expressed over bad weather here in the Gulf (7)

*21* Croatian city where burghers turned over state (6)

*22* Darling, you meet this flower often only in the wet season! (6)

*25* Describing Germanic writing on jacket with the first letter mutating to ‘r’ (5)



*1* Troubled Asian country independent since the mid-18th century (11)

*7* Country dwelling, usually a farmhouse, in the French Midi (3)

*9* Island site of Vanuatu’s capital, Vila (5)

*10* Type of map projection, synonymous with Zenithal (9)

*11* As a mythical warrior-woman: of the S American hinterland (9)

*12/28* Oceanic feature of eastern N Island, New Zealand – not the administrative region (5,3)

*13* German baroque city, badly bombed by the Allies in WW2 (7)

*15* Acronym for 1949 defence treaty (4)

*18* Title given to kings of Bulgaria (4)

*20* European peninsula plagued by strife since the 3rd century AD (7)

*23* Dutch Caribbean island, independent from the Netherlands Antilles since 1986 (5)

*24* Wives of Indian princes (9)

*26* Island site of the Cook Islands capital, Avarua (9)

*27* Zambia’s commercial capital (5)

*28* See 12

*29* Town founded in 1661 in New York State on the 7 (11)


*1* Capital of S Australia (8)

*2* Libyan oasis (8)

*3* Slave-trading capital of French and German Togo (5)

*4* Citizen of a European country which achieved unification in 1870 (7)

*5* Within Versailles, the Grand and Petit ———- palaces (7)

*6* Swiss city and canton of the Jura (9)

*7* Native American tribe, a sub-group of the Iroquois (6)

*8* Bangladeshi town, bordered on three sides by India (6)

*14* ‘Cogito, ergo sum’: Réné ————-, 1596-1650 (9)

*16* Classical (Italian) name for the Krajina region of Slovenia (8)

*17* Rise and fall of landmasses, above and below the Earth’s crust, in balance (8)

*19* Rhaetic language of the upper Rhine and the SE Alps (7)

*20* Sheikdom in the Persian Gulf, originally prized for its pearl-fishing (7)

*21* Capital of Croatia (6)

*22* With its seasonal tributary, the Darling, Australia’s longest water-course (6)

*25* Pertaining to ancient Germanic writing symbols (5)

New Internationalist issue 351 magazine cover This article is from the November 2002 issue of New Internationalist.
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