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The NI Prize Crossword


*Across* *1* Ibo identified in Siena is new, trained as a native American (11) *7* Belgium resort to fight, but lose war in the end (3) *9* Tunisian city’s introduced to the whelk: EFTA tries to hide (2,3) *10* Former Toltec church bell sound one explores near the front in Cancun (9) *11* He followed like 25 and others: tack on one in America (9) *12* 7 popular as a country... (5) *13* ...popular among German, yes, and Turkish, city leaders, and the Indian sect type (7) *15* Turn at Tahoe with nothing to the east, being abandoned for the state (4) *18* A meeting place in Yemen (4) *20* Volcanic rocks made up of a degree of sodium chloride with sulphur (7) *23* Is answer, regrettably, to get out of another Austrian town? (5) *24* Bow actress made around beginning of 20s (and following up on oriental work) is a part in a Shakespearean play (9) *26* See 28 *27* Scots island is weary with English visiting (5) *28*/*26* As Francis’ son implied, this is not accepted form for a Californian city! (3,9) *29* Indian Ocean shallows provide link belonging to character in Genesis (5,6) *Down* *1* A fast kind of mail little Joanna gets in a part of southern Portugal (8) *2* Russian oblast in the east reportedly dismiss Henry when at home (8) *3* Arabian desert where a female is allowed in naked, almost (5) *4* He wrote, describing the Archbishop of Canterbury to a tee (7) *5* He succeeded in Romania when leader got fired! (7) *6* They got a letter in phases, English being poor (9) *7* S African gripe attributed to South Sea island (6) *8* Girl has company in Adriatic port (6) *14* Asian country imprisons individuals representing another state (9) *16* Dressed in protective clothing when sent to N Ireland, perhaps (8) *17* Like Thai, but one is drawn to Indian, particularly... (8) *19* ...thus must back CIA protection after Ulster and the Cypriot situation (7) *20* Outcast social climber turns up. About time, announces the population of Brittany (7) *21* Crooks make English county go short! (6) *22* California – whichever way you view it – N America’s ‘Promised Land’ (6) *25* He followed like 11, but was he the team leader among this group? (5)


*Across* *1* Canadian tributary (1,070 km) of the Red River (11) *7* Belgian town famous for it mineral springs (3) *9* City and regional capital in NW Tunisia (2,3) *10* Horde that invaded central Mexico from the 10th century, the forerunner of the Toltec (9) *11* One of the twelve disciples of Jesus (9) *12* Member country of the EU (5) *13* Adherent of a sect that deviated from mainstream Brahminism in the sixth century BC (7) *15* The Beehive State, the 45th of the Union (4) *18* Yemeni port, former British dependency (4) *20* Fine-grained igneous rocks (7) *23* Austrian town and river (5) *24* The last of the Macedonian dynasty of the Ptolemys (9) *26* Variant (Portuguese) spelling of a saint that gives his name to a Californian city (9) *27* Scottish island of the Inner Hebrides (5) *28* Japanese form of address employed as a suffix (3,9) *29* Shoals in the Indian Ocean between India and Sri Lanka (5,6) *Down* *1* Region of SE Portugal (8) *2* Russian Pacific island once held by Japan (8) *3* N Arabian desert (5) *4* Samuel Barclay ———-, Irish writer and Nobel Prize winner (7) *5* President of Romania after the fall of Ceausescu (7) *6* New Testament epistle (9) *7* One of the Polynesian groups of people (6) *8* Italian port with ferry services to Greece (6) *14* Asian country based on over 13,500 islands (9) *16* Attired in a particular type of long, loose overcoat, named after the place first made (8) *17* Citizen of a state in NE India (8) *19* Capital – in Greek, Lefkosia – of a Mediterranean island (7) *20* Brythonic Celts settling in mainland Europe after fleeing Saxon England (7) *21* Abbreviated form of English county (6) *22* Land between the R Jordan and the Mediterranean whose indigenous people were overthrown by Israelites (6) *25* Leader of the Apostles, entrusted with the ‘keys of the Kingdom of Heaven’ (5)

New Internationalist issue 348 magazine cover This article is from the August 2002 issue of New Internationalist.
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