The NI Prize Crossword No.66

No 66 by Axe



*8* A UCLA cop is forced to resort south of the border (8)
*9* Great falls in Brazil when slimy creature leaves N America to get copper (6)
*10* Soviet power initially identified by American senior (4)
*11* Pyrenean type, using whip, almost on his own reaches the Scotsman (10)
*12* Rings to say hello in a note suggesting someone from the Mid-West (6)
*13* Conflict witnessed here in 1939? (6)
*15* EC pontificates about right food to eat (8,7)
*18* Love to get into Shakespeare, acting Indian part from the past (6)
*20* Cocktail given to abstainer, almost naked and taken aback in Nigerian city (6)
*23* A letter from St Maarten, or another Caribbean island? (10)
*24* He prophesied, coming out of Finnish part, one might reach the sea in Russia (4)
*25* British architect is asked to town in Brittany (6)
*26* Native Americans getting candy from the British to besiege Ticonderoga at first, ahead of Wolfe’s first unit (8)


*1* Copes here, in a part of space where one can exist? (9)
*2* Nothing about the wine here in Iberia... (6)
*3* ...and I’m unable to tuck into the beer in this place (8)
*4* Directions to a French-CIA detachment lead to old Namibian country (9,6)
*5* Did he strike to left and right about Europe in the beginning? (6)
*6* I usually in S America follow Henry to university, and the African party goes to the Academy here in Peru (8)
*7* A Church article pronounces Old Testament chap a troublemaker (5)
*14* Town here has links with Scottish university (2,7)
*16* Informed about hospital worker getting silk from China (8)
*17* Removing nothing, new hooka pot is smoked by those who inhabit the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan (8)
*19* Ukrainian port, according to the verse, makes a fool fall over (6)
*21* State north or south, relative to 26, of course (6)
*22* Entry to Britain needs to have the date on top (5)



*8* Mexico’s premier Pacific resort (8)
*9* Brazilian river famous for its 275 waterfalls (6)
*10* Soyuz Sovietskikh Sotsialichestkikh Respublik, as the West knew it (4)
*11* Language and citizen of an autonomous region of NE Spain (10)
*12* One from the Buck-eye state, the 17th of the Union (6)
*13* Where the East European Mutual Assistance Treaty was signed in 1955 (6)
*15* Winter vegetables (8,7)
*18* Former Indian princedom (6)
*20* Once the capital of Nigeria’s Northern Region, founded by the British in 1913 (6)
*23* Island still under British administration, devastated by volcanic eruptions in 1997 (10)
*24* —— Sea, between Severnaya Zemlya and Novaya Zemlya (4)
*25* Capital of Brittany (6)
*26* Members of a Native American tribe, the original ‘okla homa’ (red people) (8)


*1* Part of the universe which could support life (9)
*2* Second city of Portugal (6)
*3* Province of SE Spain and its seaport capital (8)
*4* German protectorate from 1894-1919, eventually independent in 1990 (9,6)
*5* A Schicklgruber, b Austria, 1889 (6)
*6* Old Peruvian colonial city of the Andes (8)
*7* ‘The troublemaker’: Biblical character so-called after found with loot from the sacking of Jericho (1 Chron & Josh) (5)
*14* Home of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club (2,7)
*16* Westernized name for Chinese city and its wild silk (8)
*17* Variant spelling of Afghan tribe which straddles the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan (8)
*19* Black Sea port, the scene of the revolt of sailors form the Battleship Potemkin in 1905 (6)
*21* New York building built by WR Hearst and the site of John Lennon’s murder in 1980 (6)
*22* The largest of Kent’s Cinque Ports (5)

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