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The NI Crossword



  1. American greeting card, maybe the ninth from Dvorak? (4,3,3,5)
  2. Move acre from a German city to the Tyrolean lake (5)
  3. Another ‘Waco’? Islam’s constitution imposed on the Jews... (6,3)
  4. ...at Islam’s orders, for one who mainly follows Buddhism! (7)
  5. Concerning that ball-point pen: get it back and put a ring around this rum town in Puerto Rico (7)
  6. Typical EU to mess with plants (9)
  7. Desert resort backing, old hat to English (5)
  8. Tigers and yaks are initially poles apart, separated by a ring-master? (5)
  9. Mozartian lady’s detailed a place on the Black Sea (9)
  10. Mother-of-pearl about to be extracted around the hinterland of St Tropez and part of Spain (7)
  11. Dawns on this Roman goddess: must be East! (7)
  12. Plain part of Australia, void with some American trees (9)
  13. The papal dignity as portrayed in a RAI television rewind (5)
  14. Witness this place and depart, with nothing more beautiful remaining to be seen on this Earth (3,6,3,3)


  1. Mark these officers, as aides-de-camp are all at sea! (4,11)
  2. Describing Celtic characters when old is hard, with magic being worked all around (7)
  3. Work to strengthen part of rampart’s broken, not lineal (9)
  4. Ancient part of Yorkshire where headgear’s top is removed (5)
  5. Basque one of a thousand involved in European Union’s Song by the beginning of November (9)
  6. Success in the West End initially results in leading American house... (5)
  7. ...with a tobacco importer having a base in N Carolina... (7)
  8. ...endowing part, taking Fielding’s ‘Tom’ against a mediocre performance on Wall Street? (3-5,7)
  9. When in distress, cable help to a canon, he wrote (9)
  10. Bye-bye to ‘King’ Nat, turning up a saint in a former Soviet republic (9)
  11. Bad to be seen in the Spanish sun up here in Andalusia (7)
  12. Scandinavian place way out, above country the Scots call Sutherland, perhaps? (7)
  13. Found in Peru, a national kind of poncho (5)
  14. French town appearing for a second under a river and receding (5)



  1. Subtitle to Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 in E minor (4,3,3,5)
  2. Largest lake in the Austrian Tyrol (5)
  3. Commandments set out for the Jews at Mt Sinai (6,3)
  4. Follower of a Buddhist religion influenced by Tantrism and Shamanism (7)
  5. Puerto Rico port and rum distillery town (7)
  6. Australian trees of the myrtle family (9)
  7. Lakeside desert resort on the California-Nevada border (5)
  8. Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, 1987-89 (5)
  9. Chief port of Romania (9)
  10. Pyrenean medieval kingdom, now part of Spain: capital, Pamplona (7)
  11. Atmospheric phenomena associated with the polar regions (7)
  12. Vast semi-tropical plain extending across W and S Australia (9)
  13. Headgear of the old Persian kings, etc (5)
  14. Old Italian saying that nothing else is worth achieving after this (3,6,3,3)


  1. Junior naval officers equivalent to the army’s aides-de-camp (4,11)
  2. Relating to the Celtic or Pictish alphabet (7)
  3. In earthwork fortifications work to strengthen the side of a small ravelin (9)
  4. Romano-British kingdom, situated approximately in S Yorkshire/N Derbyshire (5)
  5. Basque (9)
  6. Sea of the Arctic, served by the Russian port of Arkhangelsk (5)
  7. Capital of N Carolina (7)
  8. One of the indicators of share prices on the New York Stock Exchange (3-5,7)
  9. German composer (1653-1706), most famous for his Canon and Gigue in D (9)
  10. Republic of the Russian Federation: capital, Kazan (9)
  11. Capital of Andalusia (7)
  12. Scots name for their country’s most inaccessible highlands and islands (7)
  13. Sort of poncho, also worn in Latin America (5)
  14. French city, capital of the Pas-de-Calais department (5)

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