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A concise profile of the most recent countries featured in the New Internationalist magazine. See also our alphabetical list of country profiles before 2005.

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Nick Megoran revisits one of the poorest of the former Soviet republics and finds that instability, corruption and ethnic tensions remain.

Filed in: Kyrgyzstan

Papua New Guinea

A small group of islands with a long history

Filed in: Equality and Papua New Guinea

Federated States of Micronesia

A profile of one of the world’s most frequently colonized and loosely assembled nation-states.


Hadani Ditmars finds a battered and divided country where young people strive for a progressive future.

Filed in: Iraq

The Gambia

A profile of Africa’s smallest and most densely populated country.

Filed in: Gambia


Facts, figures and ratings in our latest country profile.

Filed in: Armenia

Burkina Faso

Until the beginning of this year, the West African nation seemed like an island of calm in a troubled region. Then everything changed…

Filed in: Burkina Faso

Democratic Republic of Congo

Corruption runs deep in Congo


Filed in: Burma


Rwanda after the genocide, in our Country Profile series

Filed in: Rwanda


A profile of the troubled Caribbean nation.

Filed in: Haiti

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