The NI Prize Crossword

90 by Axe



1 Troy’s star-crossing in Yorkshire (6)

5 Alsatian town pass to get to ruin (6)

10 Good Spaniard has lettuce blight before getting somewhere in Guatemala (3,6)

11 Entry to Israel head Arab in fez arranged and initialled (5)

12 Tree is a square one by a Peruvian mountain (2,5)

13 Danish place temperance movement hospital ahead of America (6)

15 The First Lady familiar in the Latin American way? (5)

17 A bash, out of hand, troubled part of old Zaire (5)

19 Characters in Baku fashion find place in Bashkortostan (3)

20 Little boy discovering Algerian desert pavement (3)

21 Stone-age tool found in old Welsh county (5)

24 Italian town where you, it’s rumoured, eat formally (5)

25 Kind of Buddhist in charge of a Bosnian site (6)

27 Italian TV going to old city church before reaching the capital of the Bijapur kingdom (7)

30 Indians south of the border to return to circle Mexicali, evacuating inner parts (5)

31 Write ‘Caledonian’ about river here in Maine (9)

32 A dingy little Ford to drive around Nigerian city (6)

33 Research place at Oxford University? Reading, too? (8)


1 Dash between place in Guadeloupe and St Kitts? No, it’s all here (10)

2 Old part of Indo China serving up heavenly food (5)

3 All golfers should aim for this place on Route 66 in Arizona (9)

4 W Cordilleran section of bedrock, ie serpentine? (6)

6 Legendary biblical area of Palestine: Hittites inhabited region originally (5)

7 One follows (translating from Urdu) magi into Nigerian city (9)

8 Old English coin, sovereign perhaps, has circulation withdrawn (4)

9 A South American circumnavigating the Spanish Main makes port in Eritrea (6)

14 Island’s belonging to Brittany, after a point (4,6)

16 Go lie-down, shattered in LA suburb (9)

18 Baubles I’m scattering in Egyptian temple site (3,6)

22 Object to first-class trip up to Brazilian hydro-electric plant (6)

23 Hill upon hill, almost, here in Canada (7)

26 New Guinea individual detained in Persia (5)

28 Say hello to English church in Guangxi city (5)

29 Where the Irish live on the bottle? (4)



1 N English city, home to the world’s greatest wool exchange in the 19th century (6)

5 Alsatian city, capital of France’s Haut Rhin department (6)

10 Town name shared in, amongst other countries, US, Mexico and Guatemala (3,6)

11 Main port of Israel (5)

12 Andean extinct volcano, in Peru (2,5)

13 City of Jutland, Denmark (6)

15 Familiar name of the wife of Argentina’s dictator between 1943-55 (5)

17 Alternative name for troubled Katanga province (5)

19 Capital of Bashkortostan (3)

20 Stony desert, especially in Algeria (3)

21 Car city of east Michigan (5)

24 NE Italian city (5)

25 Industrial Bosnian city, north of Sarajevo (6)

27 Medieval Deccan city, now a wool centre (7)

30 Indigenous people of central Mexico (5)

31 The Penawahpskwei native American of NE New England (9)

32 Strategic town of N Nigeria founded by the British in 1913 (6)

33 The library of Oxford University, taking its name from its re-founder in 1602 (8)


1 Capital of St Kitts-Nevis (10)

2 Old kingdom in Indo China, part of China until 939 AD (5)

3 Arizonan town, close to the Lowell Observatory (9)

4 Mountain chain forming part of the W Cordilleras in N America (6)

6 Geographically undefined Old Testament region, fabled for its gold and precious stones (5)

7 Capital of Borno state, Nigeria (9)

8 Old English coin worth about ten shillings (4)

9 Base in E Africa used for the Italian invasion of Abyssinia in 1935 (6)

14 Island part of Nova Scotia province (4,6)

16 Los Angeles residential and industrial suburb (9)

18 Site of rock-cut temples built by Rameses II in the 13th Century BC (3,6)

22 On the Parana River in Brazil, the world’s largest hydro-electric plant when built in 1984 (6)

23 Canadian city whose name was York until 1834 (7)

26 Indonesian name for New Guinea (5)

28 Guangxi city on the Long River, near Liuzhou (5)

29 City of the Irish Republic boasting Catholic and Protestant cathedrals (4)

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