This month we revisit the aspirational corporate anthems of scandal-ridden companies. We’ve been tapping our toes to this re-imagining of a corporate anthem for disgraced energy company Enron by reader Jane Dale, who says: ‘Apologies to the original writers of that classic Da Doo Ron Ron (they don’t write lyrics like that any more). The following is my contribution to world culture.’

Got to work on Monday while I work there still
(I do, Enron, ron, I do, Enron)
Somebody told me that they pay no bills
(They do, Enron, ron, they do Enron)
Yes, I work there still
Yes, they pay no bills
And then they send me home
(They do, Enron, ron, they do, Enron.)

They knew what they were doing when they acted sly
(they do, Enron, ron, they do, Enron)
They kept it quiet but my oh my
They do, Enron, ron, they do, Enron
Yes, they acted sly
Yes, but my oh my
And then they send me home
They do, Enron, ron, they do, Enron.

They tricked all their investors and they’ll pay the fine
(I’ll sue Enron, ron, I’ll sue Enron)
Some day soon I’m gonna just resign
(I do, Enron, ron, I do Enron)
Yes, they’ll pay the fine
Yes, I’ll soon resign
I’ll take another job
At Andersen, son, at Andersen!

Simple, yet catchy. Others are taking things even further. Steven C Day has written a two-part musical, no less, on the Enron scandal: ‘Act Two opens with Ken Lay sitting at his computer, composing emails touting the corporation’s stock to Enron employees. Yellow smiley faces are posted above his desk.’ Hit songs include ‘Don’t Worry, Buy Enron’ (to the tune of Don’t Worry, Be Happy) and ‘There’s No Business Like Big Business’.

New Internationalist issue 350 magazine cover This article is from the October 2002 issue of New Internationalist.
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