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World Development book links: Rich & Poor

The links to articles from newspaper and magazine web sites that are given below are intended as a source of current information that will help research into development issues and they could also be used for the article analysis coursework that is part of the World Development A level course. No list is definitive and the intention is to develop this gradually as a resource for anybody interested in global development.

The articles are loosely categorized using the general headings in the text book but their content is often very broad. - A web site containing reports and web links about a wide range of global issues. The reports are mostly the work of Anup Shah who also maintains the site. A good starting point for research and the links are useful. - A web site run by the Institute of Development at the University of Sussex. It produces reports on a wide range of global issues which can be accessed online. The reports are detailed and often feature primary research. - web site started by Paul Spicker from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen which is a good introduction to social policy issues and investigations into poverty.

Guardian article about the need for greater investment by the richer economies (G8) in African agriculture –