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World Development book links: Migration

The links to articles from newspaper and magazine web sites that are given below are intended as a source of current information that will help research into development issues and they could also be used for the article analysis coursework that is part of the World Development A level course. No list is definitive and the intention is to develop this gradually as a resource for anybody interested in global development.

The articles are loosely categorized using the general headings in the text book but their content is often very broad.

A Guardian article about the problems faced by Libyan refugees in Tunisia –

A New Internationalist article about the impact of Chinese immigrants in Tibet – A multi-disciplinary report from the Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty which looks at how migration can benefit development. - a summary of a 2009 report from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) which analyses global developments in the number and location of refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons. – A useful working paper that offers a theoretical perspective on migration and development. Written by Hein de Haas of the International Migration Institute of Oxford University. - A report from the World Bank on the likely impact of fluctuations in remittances to developing countries. - An article by Nick Harvey about the plight of Hmong refugees in Thailand and Laos. – good factual site about Chinese migrant workers edited by Robert Hays with links to other useful sites. - China Labour is an NGO founded in Hong Kong in the 1990s that aims to promote the rights of Chinese Workers. It has detailed accounts of the impact of rapid organisation on different groups of workers and is particularly informative about migrant workers.