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World Development book links: Globalization

The links to articles from newspaper and magazine web sites that are given below are intended as a source of current information that will help research into development issues and they could also be used for the article analysis coursework that is part of the World Development A level course. No list is definitive and the intention is to develop this gradually as a resource for anybody interested in global development.  

The articles are loosely categorized using the general headings in the text book but their content is often very broad. - is a website run by New York State University that aims to provide information about the impact of globalization in different countries and contexts. - The web site of the International Political Economy Zone is American based and focuses on the theoretical and practical impact of the growth in world trade and globalization. Very detailed and academic but it does provide some interesting material and insights. - An important article by John Vidal in the Guardian about the way that rich countries are buying up large amounts of land in Africa to feed their own populations. - a useful site for summarising the changes in the Chinese economy in the last 30 years. - This is a 2010 report produced by the Mozambique government on the progress the country has made toward meeting the MDGs.

A New Internationalist article in which several well-known experts in development outline their alternatives to make the global economy fairer after the global financial collapse –

A New Internationalist article about the impacts of the global food crisis and how to develop a response to future food shortages –

A New Internationalist article that discusses some of the impacts of the Chinese need for energy and raw materials on African countries –

Guardian article about tax avoidance by flower growers in Kenya and the cost to the Kenyan economy –

Guardian article by Christian Aid arguing for a fairer international tax system that makes it harder for corporations to avoid paying tax to developing countries –

A New Internationalist article about the impact of the Chinese demand for raw materials on Papua New Guinea –