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World Development book links: Gender & Development

The links to articles from newspaper and magazine web sites that are given below are intended as a source of current information that will help research into development issues and they could also be used for the article analysis coursework that is part of the World Development A level course. No list is definitive and the intention is to develop this gradually as a resource for anybody interested in global development.

The articles are loosely categorized using the general headings in the text book but their content is often very broad. - A useful Jubilee Debt Campaign report on the practical impact of international debt on women in the developing world. Breaking the Barriers, Women’s Leadership & Participation, Programme Insights, Oxfam GB. February 2008. A report on women and leadership progress in Sierra Leone. Another Oxfam report on the impact of debt and the financial crisis on women in the developing world, this one focuses on working women. - Women Watch is a UN web site that provides a directory of resources on gender and women’s rights. Good if you need detailed technical information on gender issues, particularly the progress of MDGs. - An interesting well referenced article about the gender equality dilemma in Japan and the impact of traditional ideas on both sexes. - An interesting and readable briefing paper from ODI that analyses the impact of MDGs on gender development. - A report on global gender issues by UNDP that can be accessed online.

Telegraph article about the involvement of Kenyan women in micro-finance projects –

Guardian article focusing on the vulnerability of women in conflict in the Ivory Coast –