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10 out of 10! It is difficult to see how either the dedicated or the conscripted could fail to benefit from this excellent guide to the subject at GCSE level... The authors have pulled off a remarkable trick here in offering a huge range of interesting and provocative material while maintaining an overall coherence and sense of purpose behind the book as a whole.' - Times Educational Supplement.

This is a book that every Citizenship education teacher, PGCE trainee, student of politics, law or social sciences and HEI tutor should read. This is a truly remarkable book; honest, open and authentic. Sceptics should go to the New Internationalist website and look at the short video explaining the conceptual thinking behind the book. Anyone who is a social enabler or professes to be interested in the Big Society should pick this book up and take note of how it reaches out to help young people become active in their community. Lord Nat Wei and David Cameron should order one immediately!! - Christopher Reeth.

The Rax Active Citizenship initiative is important because it encourages children to use the knowledge they pick up at school rather than just passively accumulating it in the hope of passing some exams. In a world where many people (grown-ups included) feel alienated from the political process the message that you CAN be involved & affect your own destiny is a very important one. I was blown away when I discovered the RAX book: all that information presented in such a stylish & engaging way. I learned stuff & my 7 year-old was fascinated by it. I thought to myself "Hmmmm - I'm going to have to rethink my 'Grumpy Old Man'-stance here: they ARE teaching kids something worthwhile in schools nowadays". - Jarvis Cocker.

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'I have never seen a textbook like this in my life and it is absolutely brilliant!' - Dr Tony Breslin, Chief Executive of the Citizenship Foundation and OFSTED inspector.

'The material in these lessons allowed us to discuss issues that are very important to us but which we never get to talk about. Your eye can travel across the page and you end up finding out really interesting facts which inspire you and make the stuff you are learning much more real. I want all the text books to be like this.' - Ayesha, Year 11.

'The layout, style, content and approach represented in the Rax is unlike anything I have seen in any text book and in my opinion it will be extremely attractive to both students and teachers alike.' - Elizabeth Manzi, Head of science faculty, Sheldon School, Chippenham, (“Best school in the country” Ofsted, 2008).

'This is a truly unique resource. It's full of inspiring ideas, presented in an engaging way, which will help students develop the skills and conviction to affect real change in their communities. This is what citizenship education is all about.' - Pete Pattisson, National Subject Lead for Citizenship.

'This material allowed me to voice my own opinions and feelings about the issues that matters most to me.' - Michael, Year 10.

'This is a textbook that encompasses so much... making it relevant to pupils' and teachers' lives today, encouraging pupils to go further and investigate the world beyond the classroom. The more you look the more you find to explore in this book which has so many fascinating leads to follow.' - Millicent Scott, Development Manager at Association for Citizenship Teaching.

'Citizenship is about active participation. This amazing book empowers teachers and pupils alike thanks to it's vibrant and dynamic approach. It's practical and experiential content provides a much needed lift to this most important area of learning.' - Richard Gerver, author of _Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today_.

'We ended up having the most interesting debates and activities that I have seen my students participate in. They were completely engaged and found the material compelling and challenging as well as fun.' - Barbara Scholz, deputy head of English, Swanlea School, London ("Outstanding school," Ofsted, 2009.

'There is a real lack of any good Citizenship resources for schools and this material really worked with my class. They were all very inspired by the way the pages were designed and all of them have asked me to produce more lessons like this.' - Sangita Palmer, year 10 tutor, Swanlea School, London.

'Everybody really paid attention to this because they were enjoying it but also because it was talking about issues that really concern us but we never get to discuss seriously.' - Hafizul, year 10..

Working as a Neighbourhood Manager within local government, much of my work is centred around involving residents in local decision making and supporting communities to develop and work for locally identified change. The book has inspired a programme we are delivering on Youth Citizenship, but fundamentally has inspired our team across broader work objectives. Despite the target audience of GCSE students, the tools, articles and activities featured in the book are extremely transferable. If you work with people, young or older, in educational, social, political or developmental environments then this book is guaranteed to enhance your work practices. Thoroughly recommended. - Amazon 5-Star Review.

If only textbooks were like this when I was at school then I might have actually read one. Like many people, for me the word "textbook" conjures visions of dreary pages of grey text and old-fashioned diagrams. It was something you were forced to read in order to regurgitate at a later date in an exam. The rax active citizen toolkit is worlds apart from any other textbook I've seen. It's beautifully designed in a really fresh graphic style and the content is amazing. Believe it or not it actually applies the course syllabus to real life situations, and it is packed full of interviews from people ranging from the President of the Supreme Court of the UK, Lord Phillips, to a bunch of artists who call themselves "The Space Hijackers" who don fancy-dress and organise protests against the seizure of public space by big business. Oh, and there is also an interview with Radiohead legend Thom Yorke about his views on being an active citizen! In conclusion, this is the future of teaching and learning. The whole - Amazon 5-Star Review.

A typical criticism of the young is that they are apathetic; anaesthetized by consumerism and too lazy or ill informed to vote. This may not be entirely fair but there is some truth to it. Apathy is the result of powerlessness, and who can blame a new generation for feeling hopeless in the face of climate change, global terror and unfettered corporate domination? I believe we are on the brink of a sea change. Times ahead promise to be rocky; economic hardship invariably highlights the gaping inequalities in our society and it will be a call to arms for the young to fight back. "The Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit" is a timely publication, not just in the classroom but for the book shelves of anyone who wishes to empower themselves and instigate change for the better. It encourages the reader to question everything they read and hear, to arm themselves with information rather than rhetoric, to articulate themselves calmly but passionately, and to effectively use the system to challenge the system. We live i - Amazon 5-Star Review.

Visit the new Rax Active website:

On the site you can find a lot of useful information on the Rax and contact them for innovative workshops and consultancy!

The Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit is the first coursebook solely to address the key skills and processes which are part of the Citizenship Studies Key Stage 4 curriculum - the only aspect that is statutory in schools in England and Wales.

It gives teachers and students the tools for Critical thinking and enquiry; Advocacy and representation; Taking informed and responsible action.

Watch the Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit introduction video.

Listen to Jarvis Cocker interview Jamie Kelsey.

Through the use of games and activities, all presented in visually stimulating design, students will improve their confidence and social skills and make meaningful and effective practical work.

Most citizenship material is predictable and prescriptive, making students feel they are being dictated to about the issues they should be concerned by. The toolkit takes a different approach, one that is more true to the inspiring aims of the curriculum: it facilitates the development of all the tools students need to form their own opinions about the issues they care about most.

Latest Blogs

We also have a full Rax Active Citizenship Blog listing.

The toolkit and this web page will provide a wide variety of points of view through the Rax interviews: presenter Jon Snow, singer-songwriters Thom Yorke and Ms Dynamite, trade unionist Bob Crow, President of the Supreme Court of the UK Lord Phillips, Patrick Mercer OBE MP (Con), Simon Hughes MP (Lib Dem), Emily Thornberry MP (Lab), Caroline Lucas MP (Green) and Sir Hugh Orde (President of the Association of Chief Police Officers) and more, all being brought to bear on the central issues of youth engagement in active citizenship. The interviews will be posted in full on this site over the coming weeks.

About the author: Jamie Kelsey-Fry has been a secondary school teacher for 23 years. He is also a writer, filmmaker and singer/songwriter.

About the illustrator: Anita Dhillon is an accomplished graphic artist in the film industry and is credited on a number of films including Bourne Ultimatum, Sunshine, The Wolfman and Never Let Me Go.

Preview of the Toolkit

To view in full screen place your cursor in the centre of the double page.

Rax Workshops and Teacher Support

Rax workshops, one or two days in length, for schools, community organizations and post sixteen facilities. Please email to find out more and book.

‘One of the best workshops we have had here, we had a very mixed group and everybody was really engaged.’ Holly Notcutt, Neighbourhood Management Programme Leader, Great Yarmouth.

Teachers interested in knowing anything more about the Toolkit can use our dedicated email service. Your enquires will be answered by a teacher who is an expert in the use of the Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit.

Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 262 mm x 210 mm
Page extent: 208
Publication date: 1 July 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1-906523-45-9

Date added: February 5, 2010

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  1. #2 Patricia Yankos 28 Sep 16

    Hi, my enquiry is if this book is still available to purchase and if so what is the individual price per book? I would also like a quote on how much it would cost to send both 50 copies and 100 copies of this book to Australia?

    Thanking you in advance!

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