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This remarkable, well-researched and must-read book clearly shows how police spying on political activists has destroyed lives and that I, most unfortunately and regrettably, played a part in this. - Peter Francis Undercover police officer turned whistleblower.

A searing account and an absorbing read. Smith and Chamberlain describe the pain inflicted on the blacklisted workers, highlighting why it is important to get to the truth about the allegations of state collusion. - Rob Evans, Guardian journalist & author of Undercover.

This book will be a wake up call to all who think we live in a democracy where all are equal before the law. These are big questions for the employers and the police, as well as Labour politicians and union leaders. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Ken Loach, film director.

Blacklisting destroyed the lives of many workers and their families over the years. It took courage and determination to stand up to it and expose its operation. This book makes a significant contribution to telling the truth of the blacklist. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - John McDonnell, MP.

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This book lifts the lid on blacklisting and on the decades of denials, lies and deceit by construction employers like Carillion over the shameful treatment and damage to thousands of workers. After years of denial the companies finally admitted that they did it. However it is now time for the employers to give the victims proper justice and pay them the compensation they deserve. These employers must be made to pay the price for their outrageous behaviour towards their fellow citizens. The book also lifts the lid on the lieutenants who organized blacklisting daily for decades, and are still in senior positions in companies and the public sector across the land. They have not even shed crocodile tears for the victims they blacklisted. This book should be read by all activists who can play a vital role in holding the companies and their lieutenants accountable. GMB salute the campaign waged by Dave Smith and the Blacklist Support Group for justice. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary.

Blacklisting workers because of their trade union activities is the archetypal breach of the fundamental human rights of freedom of association. It is no defence that this pernicious and clandestine activity has been conducted by employers for more that two hundred years. But for the Information Commissioner's raid in 2009, blacklisting in the construction industry would today still be conducted by the so-called Consulting Association. The suspicion must be that, aided by modern technology, blacklisting operates in many other industries and in many countries. This book lays bare the disgraceful history of blacklisting in the British construction industry and the appalling effect it had on the victims and their families. If ever a book made a case for basic trade union rights, this is it. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Professor Keith Ewing, and John Hendy QC.

One group that can in no way be accused of failing to respond strongly enough is the Blacklist Support Group ('BSG'), a self-organised rolling protest vehicle which has driven a noisy and inventive campaign in pursuance of an effective law against the practice, demanding fair compensation for victims, and calling out the lack of sanctions for those who participated. In his role as Chair of the BSG, and over the course of a three-year programme of academic enquiry at the University of Bristol, Dave Smith has stared hard into the gloomy world of blacklisting. In this important publication he drags its secrets back into the light. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Daniel Blackburn, MA, barrister, Director, the International Centre for Trade Union Rights, Editor, International Union Rights journal.

Smith and Chamberlain’s forensic investigation provides a searing indictment of the collusion between the state and the construction industry that saw thousands blacklisted. They reveal how objecting to deadly working conditions could get you thrown out of work for good. This masterful book demonstrates how only creative grassroots organising exposed the blacklisters and their cash-dispensing construction cronies. It also reveals this isn’t yesterday’s problem; this life-wrecking human rights scandal persists to this day. Be vigilant and get organised – the blacklisters could still be coming for you. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Rory O'Neill, editor Hazards magazine.

This powerful book shows that blacklisting is more than about union members in one industry but is a human rights scandal which affects us all. The evidence the authors have carefully compiled reveals how everyone from academics in Glasgow, to offshore oil rig workers, to builders in Edinburgh and even a disabled war veteran from Dundee were targeted. We wait to see whether new procurement guidance in Scotland will force the guilty to own up, apologise and pay up but we couldn’t have got this far we have without the diligence of the authors and campaigning work of the trade unions and the real heroes of this story those ordinary men and women in the Blacklist Support Group who refused to give up. Their determination and campaigning is an example to us all. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Neil Findlay, MSP for the Lothians.

The authors deserve our thanks for bringing this secret conspiracy into public focus. - The Justice Gap.

Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain’s astonishing book 'Blacklisted' combines investigative journalism with campaigning politics to reveal where such an absence will leave us. The bullying, harassment and spying on of workers who stand up for basic rights to organise. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football selects his reading for the 2015 General Election Campaign in Compassonline.

An explosive new book has revealed how information uncovered by police spying units was used by corporations to illegally blacklist thousands of UK union members. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Equal Times.

'Blacklisted' is a credit to the authors Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain in the fact that it took six years to be published… a must for all trade unionists as a reminder of what we are up against. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Socialist Review.

Dave Smith has been at the forefront of the campaign to expose the loathsome and illegal practice of blacklisting of employees for trade union and political activities for many years. His was a lonely voice at first but has now compelled Parliament and society at large to sit up, listen and condemn the unacceptable practice. This book should be required reading for anyone interested in how big business covertly subverts democracy and trade union rights. Please read it, discuss it and pass it on. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Tommy Sheridan, former member of the Scottish Parliament, and co-convenor of Solidarity.

This book demonstrates that the suppression of labour rights is an issue as important as it was in the days when union organisers were sent to the colonies. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Jeremy Hardy, comedian.

['Blacklisted'] provides the evidence that turned the 'blacklist' from a conspiracy theory into a conspiracy by the construction industry and the state against trade unions. Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain's book is also the story of those who refused to be broken and isolated...the story of workers who fought back with the basic weapons of our movement: collective organisation and solidarity. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Neil Cafferky, Socialism Today.

I recommend people read this book. Just by picking up this book, just by reading it, you challenge what I believe to be a state and corporate spying culture that is out of control. (For 2015 'Blacklisted' edition) - Mark Thomas, comedian.

The book on blacklisting by Phil Chamberlain and Dave Smith could turn out to be one of the most important of 2015. (For the 2015 first edition) - Rob Evans, journalist for The Guardian, and author of Undercover.

Blacklisted tells the controversial story of the illegal strategies that transnational construction companies resorted to in their attempt to deny union activists work. This is the story of a bitter struggle, in which collusion with the police and security services resulted in victimization, violence and unemployment, with terrible effects on families and communities.

In this fully updated new edition investigative journalist Phil Chamberlain and Dave Smith, blacklisted construction worker, lift the lid on these shameful and immoral practices and detail the historic High Court victory and the Pitchford public inquiry into undercover policing.

‘In the last year the story has moved on tremendously. If you were shocked first time round, be prepared for the second edition.’ - Phil Chamberlain

Blacklisting, Bullying & Blowing the Whistle Conference

  • The Blacklisting, Bullying and Blowing the Whistle Conference A two day event (16-17 Sepetmber 2016) organised by Blacklist Support Group (BSG) and the Work & Employment Research Unit (WERU) at the University of Greenwich supported by New Internatinalist and Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. It revealed and discussed the hidden injuries of the modern workplace which are often neglected by mainstream media and academia

The first edition was shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing 2016.

About the Authors

Dave Smith is a blacklisted union activist from the construction industry, and an award-winning campaigner on human rights, health and safety, anti-fascism and employment rights issues. He currently works as a trade union education tutor.

Phil Chamberlain is an experienced investigative journalist who has written for the Guardian, Observer and the Independent amongst others. He is also a senior lecturer in journalism at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Booktrailer for the first edition:

ISBN-13: 978-1-78026-341-0
Dimensions: 216mm x 138mm
Format: Paperback
Page extent: 400
Publication date: September 2016

Date added: July 7, 2016

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