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World of Street Food

World of Street Food

Easy Quick Meals to Cook at Home

Find out how the world eats 'out' - favourite street food recipes chosen because they are fast, fresh and easy to cook.


This is the book to take the tastebuds travelling. Arepas from Venezuela, tom yam soup from Thailand, delicious mezze from the Middle East - The World of Street Food offers the best in fast food from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Over a hundred recipes have been chosen for their popularity at street stalls and markets around the world.

A collective effort by the author and fans of street food worldwide this book combines thorough research with personal stories from the people and places the recipes come from. For instance, how the South African bunny chow was invented through a combination of Asian curry, European bread and apartheid; or the stories from Penang, Malaysia, said by many to be the street food capital of the world.

Each recipe is accompanied by awarding-winning food photography and evocative travel pictures. The majority of recipes are vegetarian, and many are vegan or vegan-adaptable. As with all New Internationalist food books, The World of Street Food includes information on nutrition, and organic and Fair Trade ingredients.

Includes recipes for:

- Indian idli - freshly made rice puffs

- Spicy prawns piqued with lime

- Falafel and baba ganoush from the Middle

- China's dim sum dumplings, spring rolls

- Satay from south-east Asia

- Crispy samosas from India and Africa

- Golden corn cake arepas from South

- Enticing desserts like coconut ice cream

Page Count: 
21 x 21cm
UK Publication Date: 
Thursday, 15 March, 2007
Publication Date:
Thursday, 15 March 2007

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