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New Short Fiction From Africa

The theme for Short Story Day Africa's (SSDA) latest anthology is 'Identity'. It's annual competition sought innovative short fiction exploring identity, especially (but not limited to) the themes of gender identity and sexuality.

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African identities are too often defined for us and not by us. The call for this anthology asked writers from across the continent and diaspora for "innovative short fiction exploring identity, especially (but not limited to) the themes of gender identity and sexuality, that loks beyond the boundaries of expectation, into the truest definitions of ourselves.

This powerful collection is the result. It showcases the multiple ways in which African writers see themselves and their communities, and the depth, variety and innovation of their interpretations. From Benin to Ethiopia, from Morocco to South Africa, the stories here reveal uncomfortable and fascinating truths about who we are. Prepare to be amazed, challenged and enchanted.

Short Story day Africa brings together writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, teachers and school children from all over the globe to write, submit, read, workshop and discuss stories.

Limbo by Innocent Ilo - Nigeria
All Our Lives by Okafor Tochukwu - Nigeria
Borrowed by the Wind by David Medalie - South Africa
God Skin by Michael Yee - South Africa
Who We Were Then, Who We Are Now by Nadu Ologoudou - Benin
Plums by Kharys Laue - South Africa
Waiting by Harriet Anena - Uganda
The Piano Player by Agazit Abate - Ethiopia
A Brief Eruption Of Madness by Eric Essono Tsimi - Cameroon
When the War Came Home by Heran Abate - Ethiopia
Ibinabo by Michael Agugom - Nigeria
Fever by Alithnayn Abdulkareem - Nigeria
Unblooming by Alexis Teyie - Kenya
Transubstantiation by Genna Gardini - South Africa
Taba by Adelola Ojutiku - Nigeria
Bloated by Hanna Ali - Somalia
The Geography of Sunflowers by Michelle Angwenyi - Kenya
The House on the Corner by Lester Walbrugh - South Africa
Blue in Green by Chourouq Nasri -Morocco
Sew Your Mouth by Cherrie Kandie - Kenya
South of Samora by Farai Mudzingwa - Zimbabwe

Page Count: 
13 x 19cm
UK Publication Date: 
Sunday, 14 October, 2018
US Publication Date:
Tuesday, 23 October 2018

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