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Global Bakery

Global Bakery

Cakes from the world's kitchens

The diversity of the world’s cakes are represented for the first time in one thoroughly researched volume. The amateur baker is taken on a journey across the continents visiting Cote d'Ivoire, Libya, Finland, Hungary, Azerbaijan, India, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, US, Colombia and many more countries along the way.

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The diversity of the world's cakes are represented for the first time in one thoroughly researched volume. The amateur baker is taken on a journey across the continents visiting Cote d'Ivoire, Libya, Finland, Hungary, Azerbaijan, India, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, USA, Colombia and many more countries along the way.

Working on the premise that every culture must have a favourite cake, author-baker Anna Weston started researching the wonders of baking in corners of the globe that she’s not likely to visit in the flesh. She soon discovered an amazing richness of cakes and found herself investigating cakes and delicacies that are well beyond the scope of most other books about baking – let alone her mother’s fund of knowledge.

With all tastes and occasions catered for, the recipes have been fully tested in a domestic kitchen and feature sumptuous photographs. The book includes a number of vegan and wheat- and gluten-free recipes. These are marked in the contents list and in the recipes.

Anna Weston is a former employee of New Internationalist, having worked as the Office Manage for some years. She has long been an (over)enthusiastic cake baker, taking great pleasure in adapting recipes to create new flavours and then trying out the results on her family and colleagues. She is passionate about getting the message across that baking is not just for the experts and that, all over the world, delicious cakes have always been produced in domestic kitchens with rudimentary equipment and ingredients.

‘You should write the book you want to read so that's what I did. I had become a little bored with English recipes and wanted to try something different. I wanted recipes that reminded people of home, that used ingredients that were commonly found and used in those countries, cakes that were baked for celebrations or when there was a glut of a certain ingredient. I also wanted recipes that had a story behind them, just to make them a little more interesting.’ – Anna Weston, in an interview with the author in People’s Friend

1. Sub-Saharan Africa

Cote d'ivoire: Gateau Moelleux à l'Ananas et à la Noix de Coco/Soft Cake with Pineapple and Coconut

East Africa: Jugu Cake/Peanut Cake

South Africa: Bienenstich/Bee Sting Cake

Mali: Gâteau de Semoule aux Agrumes/Semolina and Citrus Cake

West Africa: Lime Cake

Zimbabwe: Cornmeal Cake

2. Middle East & North Africa

Egypt: Basbousa

Iraq: Almond Honey Cake

Syria: Safra

Morocco: Meskouta with Orange Juice

Palestine: Almond & Citrus Olive Oil Cake

Israel: Eretz Yisrael

Kuwait: Arabic Honey Cake

Lybia: Walnut-Semolina Cake with Figs

3. Europe

Finland: Kermakuku

Greece: Melaxrini

Germany: Schwarzwäldertorte/Black Forest Gâteau

Hungary: Sutemney Rigo Jancsi/Chocolate Mousse Cake

Netherland: Pruimencake/Plum Cake

Italy: Castagnaccio/Chestnut Cake

Poland: Jablecznick/Apple Cake

Norway: Almond Cake with Custard Glaze

Czech Republic: Buchty

Denmark: Valmuefrø Kage/Poppy-Seed Cake

Switzerland: Bündner Nusstorte

Romania: Marble Cake

Spain: Tarta de Santiago/St James Cake

Wales: Bara Brith

4. South & East Asia

India: Mango Cake

Malaysia: Bolu Sarang Semut/Honeycomb Cake

Cambodia: Num Taloak/Persimmon Cake

Afghanistan: Halwaua-e-Aurd-e-Sujee

Japan: Kasutera

Phillipines: Bibingka

Taiwan: Sweet Potato Cake

Sri Lanka: Bibikkan Thina Nian Gao/New Year Cake

5. Caribbean & North America

United States: Red Velvet Cake

Tanada: Maple Syrup Cake

Haiti: Gateau au Beurre

St Lucia: Banana Cake

Bermuda: Rum Cake

Jamaica: Ginger Cake with Lemon Glacé Icing

Cuba: Opera Cake

6. Oceania & Pacific

Micronesia: Glazed Orange Coconut Cake

PaPua: New Guinea Banana Cake with Chocolate Sauce

Australia: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

New Zealand: Louise Cake

Polynesia: Wedding Cake Carrot Cake

Hawaii: Guava Chiffon Cake

7. Latin America

Chile: Torta de Hojas

Brazil: Cuca de Banana

Mexico: Pastel de Tres Leches

El Salvador: Quesadilla Salvadoreña

Columbia: Spiced Coffee Sponge Cake

Argentina: Torta Negra Galesa/Black Welsh Cake

Uruguay: Postre Chajá/Peach Cake

8. Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Belarus: Yablochny Pirog/Apple Torte

Albania: Walnut Cake with Lemon Glaze

Armenia: Nutmeg Cake

Azerbaijan: Zebra Cake

Ukraine: Medivnyk/Christmas Honey Cake

Page Count: 
18 x 25.20cm
UK Publication Date: 
Tuesday, 30 September, 2014
Publication Date:
Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bake your way around the world with this comprehensive recipe book as your guide. From Malaysian bolu sarang semut (honeycomb cake) to Finnish kermakuku (sour cream cake), each delicious cake recipe has an accompanying picture and information about its origin. The journey incorporates cakes for all tastes, from quick and easy cakes that children will have fun making to unconventional creations to challenge the keen baker.

Bake School Magazine

Sixty delicious cakes from every corner of the world. Offering clear, tried and tested, step-by-step instructions alongside mouthwatering colour photographs, this sumptuously presented new book is one that cake lovers everywhere will want to get their hands on. Including recipes from as far afield as Afghanistan, Bermuda, Uruguay and Zimbabwe, its origins stem from author and cake-lover Weston's curiosity about the wider world of baking.

Irish News

Practical yet still exceedingly delicious, this world tour of cakes offers down-to-earth instructions for the everyday chef. Adventure arrives not through elaborate technique, but through whole ingredients and flavours from all over the world. Warm, clear, and free of intimidating steps.

Foreward Review

I really enjoyed taking the world tour of cakes, and I think that the recipes seem authentically sourced. I saw some I knew and discovered quite a few that I had never heard of, such as Cornmeal Cake from Zimbabwe, and Melaxrini, an eggy cake from Greece.

The Children's Table

This is a great book to introduce you to every type of international cake! It’s neat to see the different influences on the cake styles- locally abundant ingredients, and those sourced in from colonizers tastes, in some cases. If you have a foodie or a baker in the family, they'll love to get this book for Christmas, or any special occasion!

Bless Their Hearts Mom

Also available as an ebook, Global Bakery: Amazing Cakes from the World's Kitchens is a cookbook featuring sixty-four recipes for exotic and delicious cakes. Each recipe has been fully kitchen-tested; quite a few have vegan or wheat and gluten-free options in their content list and recipes. Superb color photography illustrates the user-friendly, step-by-step baking instructions. With mouth-watering creations such as Ginger Cake with Lemon Glace Icing, Almond Honey Cake, Marble Cake, Glazed Orange Coconut Cake, and much more, Global Bakery is a sweet-tooths delight. Highly recommended, especially as a gift-book for baking connoisseurs!

Midwest Book Review

What a great idea for a cookbook: travel the world from your very own kitchen. Most of her recipes use authentic ingredients and cooking methods to create desserts that are close to what you might eat in the country where they originate. The recipes range from easy to challenging and include a handful that are vegan and gluten-free.

The Tampa Tribune

In The Global Bakery, author and baker Anna Weston highlights traditional baking recipes from around the globe in a way that is easy and approachable enough for even an amateur baker to tackle.

A Squared

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