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Dissidents of the International Left

Dissidents of the International Left

Dissidents of the International Left features interviews with progressives, leftists, liberals, leaders of social movements, dissidents, anarchists and feminists from all over the world. Their views, in their own words, not previously published.

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Dissidents of the International Left gives a clear-headed look at the many different strands of the international and domestic leftist currents pulsing throughout the world. With 77 interviews it gives lesser-known dissidents, leftists, secularists and feminists the same platform as more well-known progressive and Leftist stalwarts.

The author interviews well-known and famous intellectuals from the Western world such as Noam Chomsky, Ed Vulliamy, Michael Walzer, Alex de Waal, North Korean specialist Jieun Baek, Michael Kazin, Jeffrey Sachs, Meredith Tax, Bill Weinberg, Peter Beinart, Gideon Levy, Anthony Appiah, Juan Cole and Stephen Zunes. He also interviews many prominent intellectuals and dissidents from the non-Western world including Pervez Hoodbhoy, Nadezhda Azhigikihna of the Russian Union of Journalists, Algerian native Marieme Helie Lucas, Patel, Mahmoud Mamdani, Robin Yassin-Kassab, Fawwaz Traboulsi, Mouin Rabbani, Sonja Licht, Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, Malalai Joya, Diep Saeeda, Houzan Mahmoud, Teesta Setalvad, her husband Javed Anand, Sokeel Park of Liberty in South Korea, atheist intellectual Leo Igwe of Nigeria and many others.

These intellectuals and journalists offer many opinions that deserve a much broader readership in the Western world.

Dissidents of the International Left was also recently named a ‘Favorite Book of 2020’ by The Progressive magazine.

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North America
Kwame Anthony Appiah
Peter Beinart
Michael Berube
Noam Chomsky
Juan Cole
Bridget Conley
Glenn Greenwald
Michael Kazin
Michael Lerner
Sara Mersha
Jeffrey Sachs
George Scialabba
Stephen R Shalom
Meredith Tax
Michael Walzer
Bill Weinberg
Stephen Zunes

Latin America
Maria Teresa Blandon
Ana Maria Cofino
Alda Facio
Linda Farthing
Anabel Hernández
Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo
Thea Riofrancos
Gilda María Rivera Sierra
Juslene Tyresias
Gina Vargas
Alejandro Velasco

South and East Asia
Javed Anand
Jieun Baek
Pervez Hoodbhoy
Malalai Joya
Harsh Kapoor
Chulani Kodikara
Moon Nay Li
Sokeel Park
Diep Saeeda
Amartya Sen
Teesta Setalvad
Mandira Sharma
Lee San Young

Hassan Avdullahi
Chidinma Perpetua Chikwelu
Sodfa Daaji
Farid Esack
Tesfagabir Ghebre-egziabiher
Leo Igwe
Lekan Latubosun
Mahmood Mamdani
Nyuon Susan Sebit
Fatou Sow
Alex de Waal

Middle East and Northern Africa
Hawzhin Azeez
Janet Biehl
Sarah Eltantawi
Yassin al-Haj Saleh
Anissa Helie
Marieme Helie Lucas
Gideon Levy
Houzan Mahmoud
Yanar Mohammed
Mouin Rabbani
Fawwaz Traboulsi
Robin Yassin-Kassab

Nadezdha Azhgikhina
Predrag Kojovic
Sonja Licht
Roger Lippman
George Monbiot
Maryam Namazie
Pragna Patel
Gita Sahgal
Inna Shevchenko
Lino Veljak
Ed Vulliamy
Ian Williams
Stasa Zajovic

Page Count: 
138 x 216cm
UK Publication Date: 
Tuesday, 14 May, 2019
Publication Date:
Thursday, 1 January 1970

The left may not hold a monopoly on goodness, and it may sometimes advocate silence in the face of crimes so great as genocide; but these interviews remind us that it is at the forefront of the battle for justice across the world, and everywhere, its leading lights are pressing us to be better. And in a world of growing rightwing nationalism and fascism, we would do well to remind ourselves of how critical these voices are and just how threatened they might soon become.

Theo Horesh, Tikkun

Andy Heintz’s Dissidents of the International Left, published earlier this year, is a collection of interviews with 77 people on six continents, all of whom are politically active and consider themselves to be on the left. The interviewees include NGO workers, academics, writers, intellectuals, and militants. Although some, such as Noam Chomsky, are internationally known, many are not: one important service the book performs is to bring them and their work to each other’s attention as well as to that of a wider readership... The book can be seen as a group portrait of the dissident international left in 2019. 


Stephen Hastings-King, Al-Jumhuriya

Andy Heintz's Dissidents of the International Left is a timely contribution about the post-Cold War state of the world, with views and analyses from several global thinkers and activists... The book is impressive both in terms of the range of questions and the diversity of answers. As an interviewer Heinz has the ability to pose sharp but nuanced questions in a positively warm and friendly manner... Indeed, the book is a call to action by many diverse voices for our common good. It is a book that deserves to be read by all who care about our common future and our small planet.

The New Arab

Authored by Andy Heintz, Dissidents of the International Left is an extraordinarily inspirational and illuminating book. The work constitutes a valuable contribution to discourse about the concept of international solidarity at a time when it’s needed more than ever. Based on interviews with dozens of academics, liberation theologians, NGO leaders, feminists, philosophers, and human rights activists from southern Mexico’s mountainous highlands to Syria’s Jazira Region to America’s rural heartland, Dissidents of the International Left offers new ways of thinking about the Left’s strategies for effecting positive change on a global scale. — Giorgio Cafiero, CEO and founder of Gulf State Analytics, a Washington, DC-based geopolitical risk consultancy.

Read the complete review.

Giorgio Cafiero, Foreign Policy in Focus

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