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Confidante of Tyrants

Confidante of Tyrants

The Story of the American Woman trusted by America's biggest enemies

'I had breakfast with Hugo Chavez, lunch with Bashar al Assad, cocktails with Putin and dinner with Gaddafi. Fidel Castro wooed me with flowers, perfume and cigars. Ahmadinejad told me he loved me. Chavez proclaimed me "The Girlfriend of Venezuela". But I am not a spy, and I am not a traitor.'

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A Confidante of 'Tyrants' is a behind the scenes, exclusive insider view of some of the most secretive world leaders of modern history.

When US lawyer Eva Golinger first spent some time in Venezuela uncovering her ancestral roots, she little realized how the country was going to change her life. Within a few years she had become an enthusiast for the Bolivarian Revolution and a close confidante of its charismatic leader, Hugo Chávez. She achieved worldwide notoriety by exposing and condemning US intervention in Venezuela and ended up travelling with Chávez all over the world, spending time with many other controversial leaders.

She wandered the halls of presidential palaces, rubbed elbows with controversial world leaders, and was courted by declared enemies of her own country. She would come to know and befriend some of these men, who so many in the world saw as tyrants. She saw them unveiled and had privileged access to Bashar al Assad, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Muammar Gaddafi, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin.

In this frank and disarming memoir, she tells the full story of her time in Chávez's inner circle and reflects on what she has learned about revolutionary politics, about the dangers of authoritarian populism – and about herself.

Chapter I:  How I Met Hugo Chavez
Chapter II:  Before Chavez, Or How I Met Venezuela
Chapter III:  Venezuela: A Love Affair
Chapter IV:  Prelude To A Coup
Chapter V:  CIA Does It Again
Chapter VI:  Cracking The Code
Chapter VII:  Courted By Fidel
Chapter VIII: Living the Revolution
Chapter IX:  Between the Devil and an Angel
Chapter X:  Upside-Down World
Chapter XI:  Chavez Defeated (a/k/a The Return of Toilet Paper)
Chapter XII:  Caracas-New York-Moscow
Chapter XIII: Touring the Axis of Evil
Chapter XIII: The Unraveling of a Revolution

Page Count: 
135 x 216cm
UK Publication Date: 
Sunday, 14 October, 2018
US Publication Date:
Thursday, 15 November 2018

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