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This fresh and informative atlas offers engaging, fact-filled overviews of Earth’s oceans and continents.... With its emphasis on sustainability, interconnectedness, and diversity, the book offers young armchair travelers and globe-trotters much to discover. - Publishers Weekly.

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One of the most appealing of this year’s books is non-fiction; the Barefoot Books World Atlas by Nick Crane (illustrated by David Dean, £14.99), which is full of fascinating, slightly alternative details, will make your children yearn for foreign climes, occupy them on the way there, and give them an inkling about what to do when they arrive. - Toby Clement, The Daily Telegraph.

'World Atlas' written by Nick Crane, illustrated by David Dean, and recently released by children’s publisher Barefoot Books, is an unconventional beauty. Land masses are divided into regions, not continents, which makes sense, especially in a place as vast as Asia. Maps in a palette of purple and gold feature not a grid of latitude and longitude lines but icons of animals, landmarks, and manmade features, such as the Rubik’s cube invented by a Hungarian professor. - Boston Globe.

Barefoot Books’ newly released World Atlas for children, written by Nick Crane and illustrated by David Dean, is one of those books that will grow with your child over time. It is stuffed with factoids and information about our planet, with colorful illustrations that will continue to entice children to explore its pages. - InCulture Parent Magazine.

budding geographers of 7+ will relish World Atlas - Amanda Craig, The Times.

This Atlas is worthy of it’s own post. I can’t recommend it highly enough. First, it’s gorgeous. The illustrations are beautiful! The information is interactive using flip-up sections and uniquely interesting tidbits....My kids have poured over this atlas repeatedly and learn something new every time they pick it up. - Ciao Bambino.

Divided by geographical region, the Barefoot World Atlas looks at the way in which communities and cultures across the world have been shaped by their natural environment, and at the ideas and initiatives which are shaping the future. An atlas for the twenty-first century, it shows how all parts of the planet are interconnected and looks at the challenges which face us all in creating a sustainable future.

  • Introduction includes the story of the solar system and the history of map-making.
  • Maps of regions and oceans bring faraway places to life, with illustrated geographical and architectural features, people plants and wildlife, from oil fields to Buddhist monks to the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Fold-out booklets reveal fascinating facts about each region.

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About the Author: Nick Crane is a cartographer, explorer, writer and well-loved television presenter. As a child, Nick explored the Norfolk countryside armed with a bicycle and a map; ever since, he has been journeying the world. In 1992-3, he walked 10,000 kilometers across Europe, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. He lives with his family in London.

About the Illustrator: David Dean is a full-time illustrator who travels the world from the comfort of his own studio. He paints in a room surrounded by books from many different cultures, which inspire his exotic and colourful work. In his spare time, David enjoys walking and taking photographs of the countryside near his house in Cheshire.

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Co-published with Barefoot Books.

Format: Hardback with pull-out map
Dimensions: 300 mm x 255 mm
Page extent: 56
Publication date: October 2011
ISBN-13: 9781846863325

Date added: March 17, 2011

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