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Catapult Books sample costing

Catapult Books is the partnership publishing imprint of New Internationalist. Catapult helps individuals and organizations craft book projects, publish in print and/or ebook formats, and make titles available to all relevant audiences.

This costing should act as a guide for illustration only and is based on 55,000 words and 208 pages in print format, text only, black and white. Each title will need to be costed individually according to requirements and specifications.

Editorial £1200
Design/typesetting for ebook and print £1200
Production for digitally printed copies £2/copy (up to 500 copies). Printed copies are charged at cost.
Printed on 80gsm FSC paper 216 x 138mm with full colour laminated paperback cover. If print run is over 500 copies we would switch to litho printing)

Ebook to be made available through all major vendors (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Kobo and many others) at a list price to be agreed with the author. Note that Amazon set their own Digital Consumer Price.
Net revenue (ie. after discount to the retailer) to be split 60% to the author, 40% to New Internationalist.

In addition the ebook will be available on the Ethical Shop, providing an alternative to the corporate vendors. Since we do not have to give discounts to any third party the net revenue per ebook sold will be higher.
Revenue to be split 60% to the author, 40% to New Internationalist.

Should publisher and author(s) decide to extend distribution and marketing to the booktrade in print format this shall be subject to a separately costed and negotiated agreement.

Please send us your synopsis and chapter outline, together with a covering letter explaining your aims and objectives. Email the team.

Disclaimer: the example above is for illustration. Each title published will be subject to individual, custom costing and all offers subject to contract.