BarnCamp 2010

I went along to last year's HacktionLab event in the beautiful Wye Valley on the border of England and Wales. I found a lovely bunch of tech and non-tech activists wokring on the intersection between technology and radical activism. This year the event will be called BarnCamp 2010; a play on the BarCamp unconference concept, except this one, being on a farm has an actual barn! 

hacktionlab 2009 signpost

I'll be going along this year too for two days of workshops on topics ranging from renewable energy to foraging for food to citizen journalism to using free software for activism, up to three nights of camping, open space sessions, evening entertainment and great vegan food.

This year's event will be targetting the UK activist scene, aiming to be more accessible to non-tech activists and folks who just want to develop their tech skills and awareness. I guess that it'll be trying to address some of the issues identified by Phillip in his rethinking resistance in the age of the cloud post. And there will probably be some cider drunk too ;-)

 You can book online; and you really should if you want to save some money paying on the door. See you there.

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