Demo: The Perl ecosystem toolbar

This isn't really a post. But, after a bit of a funny back-and-forth with Adam Kennedy, I thought it would be fun to throw together an example of what a "persistent Perl ecosystem toolbar" might look like in reality.

So, here's a quick demo.

Yah, yah: it's nothing too fancy. But, it would probably look a darn-bit better than what Adam has running over on the CPAN Top 100 site right now. ;-)

Once I have it tested and working in at least a handful of recent browsers, I'll post the code and maybe you folks can take it from there.

Sadly, I think I'll be wrapping up my "Perlceptions" posts over the next week or two. It has been fun thinking about the opportunities to Perl to re-think it's public image, and I'm excited to continue to promote the coming Perl renaissance. However, for the next few months, I'm going to get back to my previous commitments (that have been neglected for too long) to the Bricolage project.


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